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HashVault September Updates

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This post is a bit late but over September we pushed some fairly major changes to the pool websites. the majority of the changes are under the hood code improvements that enable us to manage everything better.  We have improved our deployment processes so that we can get a change made and put live within minutes automatically, but we have also made a fair few visible changes and have a lot of changes coming over the next few weeks based from user feedback.

UI Improvements/Bugfixes

  • mining endpoint displays with port
  • Threshold update will always work now
  • reduced amount of client-side processing and HTTP requests
  • payment address validation when adding to the dashboard

Share links

image.png on the dashboard, you can now easily share your stats or just save the link to use in incognito mode, under the hashrate graph you will find the new share button.

Multiple Languages!

image.png We have been busy adding support for native language interface for Russian, Ukraine, Slovak,  German with more languages to be added soon, while its commonplace for software and services to be English in this industry we want to make sure people understand everything that's going on in an already complex hobby.

You can find the language selection at the top right of the page, we hope you find this helpful and if you have any suggestions on making it better let us know! 

Maturing Block indicator

image.pngQuick and easy way to see how many blocks are waiting to get paid


Asic / GPU Other Pools Menu

image.png We have made it easier to find asic or cpu/gpu pools in the more coins menu, hopefully, this will help reduce the number of people coming to asic pools with normal hardware.

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