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AMD R9 290 Sapphire


Just got this card, and want to setup on xmr-stak with W10k, it is still in the contig section, and the screen keeps blanking out.

Thought I heard it could take up to 30 minutes to fully setup the card, is that true.?

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the miner or the OS? installing the drivers onto the OS can take a stupidly long time and the screen would keep flickering off... if its the miner that shouldn't happen.


(will edit my answer once I get the follow up info)

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This was no mods to the card or the miner.

Once i reset the install, it worked for a while then stopped. so I am having problems with mining xmr on hiveos.

Same cards on Turtle coin that I use on monero, the turtle mines fine. The xmr does not I get the following in the hiveos agent screen


Sat May  5 22:15:26 EDT 2018
Failed to read xmr-stak from localhost:60045
Hashrate xmr-stak 0 kH/s


Now it never see's the cards.  2 x R9 390 and 1 x RX580.

If I cannot get this fixed, then I will have to drop monero on hiveos

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