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  1. Also try command "show_transfers" (without quotes), to show if some attacker didn't get your private key and transfered your coins somehow.
  2. Wor3d

    Monero pool - something wrong

    Keep that magic spirit for later use
  3. Wor3d

    Monero pool - something wrong

    I guess that you are reffering to block 2207. It had 406% effort. Again, not unusual, even big pools can and will have bad luck and high effort on some blocks. Notice block after and block before - the average of just these 3 blocks (including our bad luck one) is only 157.88%. But yes, this can raise concerns, if the pool is working 100%. We are monitoring our traffic carefully, and there weren't any attacks on our monero pool recently. We have numbers of automatic protection systems, which are triggered by possible incoming attacks, and can handle issues. As long as the average is around 100%, you can be sure everything is okay. At least you are getting paid as expected, which is at the end the most important thing for you, and for us, which we are trying to achieve.
  4. Wor3d

    Monero pool - something wrong

    https://monero.hashvault.pro/en/#!/blocks Set rows per page to maximum (50), and you can see that average effort is 99.8% - which is 0.2% better than "expected". Luck is something that you have to think about, when it comes to mining. Effort will average out to 100% over long period. But in the short term, we can find blocks with (for example) 1%, or 500%. It is not unusual, you have to take it into account.
  5. Linking the block explorer, so we are on the same page https://explorer.stellite.cash/tx/e4fd09cc7412fd69d18258966db1730da625b83cba4494a374b3d21158986039 Another thing, Stellite forked March 2nd to new algorithm, which requires wallet update. Have you got the newest version of the wallet? https://twitter.com/stellitecash/status/980803292493164544
  6. Wor3d

    Sumokoin rebrands to Ryo

    Keep an eye out for announcements on HashVaults migration plan, coming in the next week or so. We will update this post with our plans, however, it is unlikely that you will have to update miner settings. https://twitter.com/sumokoin/status/997918893778796545
  7. Wor3d

    Set up User

    What mining software are you using? Depending on that, your config file should look like this: "url" : "pool.monero.hashvault.pro:5555", "user" : "43To46Y9AxNFkY5rsMQaLwbRNaxLZVvc4LJZt7Cx9Dt23frL6aut2uC3PsMiwGY5C5fKLSn6sWyoxRQTK1dhdBpKAX8bsUW", "pass" : "MySuperRig:email@email.com", "keepalive" : "true", "nicehash" : "false" Read more here https://monero.hashvault.pro/en/#!/help/getting_started
  8. Wor3d

    Set up User

    Yes, if I understood you correctly from your brief explanation. You put your public address (95 characters long) in miner settings.
  9. Hello. How long did you wait? Transactions are not processed instantly. You can check all your payments and their status on your Dashboard. Go to the bottom of the page and then click "Payments". There you can see payment (amount) and link to the blockchain explorer, where you can see the transaction.
  10. Wor3d

    ETN Blockchain Update - May 30th

    Details of the update have been published on the official Electroneum page https://electroneum.com/2018/05/17/critical-electroneum-network-upgrade/ Nothing new is in this post, only the date expected is now May 29th (1 day sooner) on block 307 500. Keep in mind that you will have to change the algorithm from "cryptonight" to "monero7" (for XMR-STAK), or other "Cryptonight V7" equivalent. This may require miner update. Owners of ASICs will not be able to mine this coin after May 29th. Your ASICs will still work for coins like Karbo (https://karbo.hashvault.pro/en/#!/), or other (old) Cryptonight coins.
  11. Sumer is coming Your guesses on crypto price? Same as last year - decline until november/december?
  12. Wor3d

    Formula for estimating rewards?

    The same formula applies to pools as well. You just have to subtract pool fee, and count on that this is average income. Meaning, if you mine solo, the chances to find a block are small(er), you can be potentially more influenced by luck, and you will have to average over longer time, not just day (assuming you don't have super huge rig). Multiply by number of days to get weekly, monthly, etc. Pool daily reward is like this:
  13. CoinMarketApp (Tracker, portfolio, alerts, exchanges) Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kyriakosalexandrou.coinmarketcap iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coinmarketapp/id1350234503 Blockfolio (Very extensive portfolio tracker, news) Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blockfolio.blockfolio iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blockfolio-bitcoin-altcoin/id1095564685?mt=8 These are ones that I use and really like, write a comment about what you use, I will give it a try and add it to this list. This is not an extensive review, just suggestions, for now
  14. Wor3d

    Monero - Low H/s

    Enter your hashrates here, it will calculate potential profit (not including electricity cost, HW wear or other expenses) https://www.cryptunit.com As you will see, your 25H/s rigs will mine practically nothing. That being said, your i7 should mine faster. Maybe your configs are not done correctly? Or you are not fully utilizing CPU power potential. In XMRig you have to enable cores which are allowed to mine. Check cpu.txt
  15. Wor3d

    Electroneum's May 30th "anti-asic fork"

    Oh, definitely. I regret not switching to monero before fork happened, it was soooo worth it. Yes, they are running out of (highly) profitable and famous coins. Most of the common crypto market public does not like ASICs, as it ruins the whole "community" thing. But there are still coins like Monero classic, or coins which won't change algo. How succesfull will they be, only time can tell.