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  1. Yay! Monies, your issue literally made no sense before... must be a buggy build then. Glad you have a workable solution now man
  2. Thanks to @NeyGuy (discord) for making this helpful guide for the mining community, he has a nice collection of videos on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrIMbomEyfV-EyKfVokfNiw/featured definitely worth a watch, he's got such a cool vega mining shed!
  3. I actually mined some coin, sent you stellite and then forgot to post as i got sidetracked with kids, but your output shows a zero balance. Something is wrong as I sent you 1 from my personal wallet not linked to HV's systems. block height: 168026 https://explorer.stellite.cash/prove/435a0d84c05ab54f9ceeca30bcc6aa4c2fa81508767794a1d7de104d5f61ddaf/Se3sZ3KBE7F9Hj2XEBdgEYe3BrAaYRdN54ozVk13hEBS5mQjkEoAz8FHGK1P2oyTxCR8iiW2fjEuQZy7E3PNXBuq2KGx4sExZ/dd19c2a0c111ef39c0042937aeff0be44e571b41c0475da6da82109e5c4f5108 can you try opening your wallet using our remote node by adding this to your command ./stellite-wallet-cli --daemon-host=nodes.hashvault.pro And it is not peanuts, it is your crypto which is just as valuable as anyone else's
  4. Snider


  5. Snider

    Monero pool - something wrong

    it did indeed
  6. Snider

    Monero pool - something wrong

    We will be implementing a place that will show a health check of the various aspects of the system, should answer that "is this bad luck, or am I mining into a void" question, don't have an ETA on that other than, soon
  7. Snider

    Pool H Graft

    in case you were wondering, HashVault is Pool H on a very popular Graft pool list.... so if you were wondering where all the cool kids are ... it's here https://graft.hashvault.pro A.K.A Pool H
  8. well, Goldman Sachs just let clients invest in bitcoin via them, so... that's big
  9. but miners don't get paid on how the graph looks, thankfully lol
  10. We get asked a lot to run a pool for a particular coin, here is the place to register your interest. As with everything in life, things cost money and servers are no different. if there is enough demand that the server costs would get met you never know your favourite altcoin might get listed
  11. Here is a selection of miner settings to get the most out of your cards, have a play and see if you can get more. These work well for my cards, they might underperform for yours. Graft Mining Pool Monero Mining Pool Intense Mining Pool RX580 4GB xmr-stak - 950h/s-1000h/s (MSI) R9 270X @ -31mV & 1115MHz core; 1450MHz mem (50°C @ 90% fan speed); XMR-STAK 399H/s, very stable (MSI) R9 280X @ -12mV & 1162MHz core; 1743MHz mem (47°C @ 85% fan speed); XMR-STAK 528H/s, very stable Sources: RX 580 4GB: Snider R9 270X 2GB (MSI): Wor3d R9 280X 2GB (MSI): Wor3d
  12. Snider

    Cryptonight Heavy Miner Settings

    lose 60h/s, probably due to having to turn comp_mode = true as 862 is not a multiple of the worksize
  13. Snider

    Cryptonight Heavy Miner Settings

    Here is a selection of miner settings to get the most out of your cards. these settings are good for: cryptonight_heavy only Loki Mining Pool SUMO Mining Pool Haven Mining Pool Vega 56 xmr-stak - 1300h/s~ Vega 64 xmr-stak - 1500H/s~ rx570/580 4GB XMRig - auto config = 750h/s https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig-amd/releases/tag/v2.6.0-beta1 xmr-stak - 700h/s~/750h/s~
  14. Posted by HashVault: This script will allow you to turn huge page support on and off on Linux #!/usr/bin/env bash script=`basename "$0"` HPS=`grep Hugepagesize /proc/meminfo | awk -F" " {'print $2'}` NC=`grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo` NHP=$(($(($NC*2200/$HPS))+1)) case $@ in enable) echo $NHP > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages ulimit -l $(($NHP * $HPS)) echo "Huge pages enabled" ;; disable) echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages echo "Huge pages disabled" ;; *) echo -e "Usage: \n$script enable - Enabling Huge Pages\n$script disable - Disabling Huge Pages" ;; esac