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  1. Snider


    once it's been paid the transaction has been pushed to the blockchain and should be visible to you. Make sure you have the correct wallet open, you are running the latest version of the software and that the height on your wallet matches the chains current height.
  2. Snider

    help aeon on my rig

    Hi, Have you tried installing the latest version? it doesn't make sense that you can cpu mine by not gpu, it would be all or nothing
  3. Snider


    Hi, Please contact us using the support page after you have routed your traffic through a proxy like: https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig-proxy https://github.com/Snipa22/xmr-node-proxy
  4. nodes.hashvault.pro:18081
  5. @izacs you can message me here or send me an email, I am CC'ed in the email you got.
  6. Good Morning. I can not log in to the site. My monero is integrated adress. I use xmr stak. in the pool.txt I put my integrated address. and in the part of the password I put my email. When I go to the site in the setting part I put my Integraded Address and in the part of the password I put my email, but it does not connect. What can it be?

  7. Snider

    Sumokoin Announcement

    All payments are halted until after the fork, everything that is pending to be paid will be processed on both chains after the fork has happened. HashVault won't keep anything from miners and we will post a guide on how to access your Sumo and Ryo on Monday.
  8. Snider

    Sumokoin Announcement

    Sumo Server Endpoints pool.sumo.hashvault.pro chicago01.sumo.hashvault.pro frankfurt01.sumo.hashvault.pro singapore01.sumo.hashvault.pro Ports (avalible on each endpoint) pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:80 - diff: 10,000 - upto 300 h/s pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:443 - diff: 10,000 - upto 300 h/s(firewall bypass) pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:3333 - diff: 50,000 - upto 2kh/s pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:5555 - diff: 500,000 - 20 kh/s (e.g baikal) pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:7777 - diff: 6,000,000 - 200 kh/s (x3) pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:8888 - diff: 12,000,000 - 400 kh/s ( NH)
  9. Snider

    Sumokoin Announcement

    As everyone is aware by now, the Sumokoin project has split into two camps. In an attempt to remain neutral we will focus on the aspect of this shake-up that actually matters - you guys, the miners. As of block #137500 Sumokoin will change to become an ASIC friendly coin and going back to the original Cryptonight algorithm. At the time of writing that would mean displacing 4,735 mining rigs from hashvault. Looking at the problem we have grouped miners into the following groups. GPU Miners who don't want to be on an ASIC coin ASIC miners wanting a coin to mine that is good SUMO Loyal RYO Loyal Keeping the above groups in mind, we have decided that we want to support the individual choices of our community without injecting our personal biases onto you. As Sumokoin will require everyone to reconfigure their miner, we have decided to give Sumokoin new shiny servers and rename the pool URL to sumo.hashvault.pro The old mining endpoints will continue to serve cryptonight heavy but the website will redirect to sumo.hashvault.pro and a new website ryo.hashvault.pro is where you can find stats for the cryptonight heavy version. For clarity sake, this means that a few key points will happen. People who want to follow Sumokoin as part of the update process would have had to perform miner updates anyway. They will also need to change pool URL now while changing algo type ASIC Miners will connect to the new endpoints listed on the new sumo website People mining to *.sumokoin.hashvault.pro and intend to mine Ryo need to move pool URL to the new URLs at their leisure. No matter where you personally stand on the events in the Sumokoin community, we hope that you can see the course HashVault are taking is the fairest possible route we can take for miners. We spent a lot of time taking into consideration views expressed over social channels and private messages. Apologies if you disagree but based on the information we have available we feel this is the best course for HashVault. Regards HashVault.pro
  10. Snider

    socket error

    pool.pool.electroneum.hashvault.pro:443 should be pool.electroneum.hashvault.pro:443 and im sure it is a typo here but its "curency": "cryptonight_7" also, make sure you are on 2.4.4, I know you said new, but that release is sorta new also so wanted to cover all bases.
  11. Sugested by @JoocyMane - discord
  12. Dont forget to subscribe!
  13. Snider

    Windows 10 April Update broken AMD mining

    yea, this is how i got my broken rigs back into action
  14. recently one of my rigs updated to the latest Windows 10, forgot to turn off auto update -.- it seems that AMD has released another driver update which does actually fix the issue, so go grab Adrenalin Edition 18.5.1. you can just run the installer you have on your machine, during the install process it will do a driver version check and recommend 18.5.1 https://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+10+-+64
  15. Snider

    Graft Wallet

    Hey, I'm not sure about the GUI Version, you can download the CLI versions and do the same as you can with normal Monero wallets https://github.com/snider/hashvault-remote-wallet-windows/tree/master/GRFT For anyone reading this not on windows, you can find the CLI for your platform on the dropbox Graft use: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3f08lgk3zn6gm0w/AACP2RT2uDqdeMlPJxbhGNL1a/Wallets?dl=0