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Welcome to 2019, Welcome to Privacy

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Welcome to 2019, Lethean Community! We hope that you all had a happy holiday season. As we head into the new year, we’re working harder than ever to achieve our goals. We look forward to what this year has in store for us, and hope that our community is with us for each exciting milestone that we meet. This update will cover some progress on upcoming developments, as well as some festive happenings.

Firefox Browser VPN

The Firefox version of the Browser VPN is complete! We recently finalized our internal testing and have published the Browser VPN in the Firefox add-ons. You can find the FireFox Browser VPN here.

With the Firefox Browser VPN released, we will also be marketing the Firefox extension more heavily. While both Browser VPNs will function the same way, the Google Chrome browser is owned by Google, which is a company that is not the most friendly to those who wish to stay anonymous. Firefox is owned by the Mozilla Corporation, which is a group that advocates for privacy, and aligns more closely with our goal of a free and open Internet.

We ask that if any bugs are found while using the Firefox add-on that you report them to us by contacting us via email or through one of the channels listed below.

Holiday Video


Members of the Lethean team collaborated to make this video wishing you all happy holidays, and a happy new year! Though the video premiered around Christmas, and the new year has already arrived, we still hope you’ll watch it if you haven’t already, as it was a lot of fun to create.

Community Run Airdrop

Our Russian community is running an unofficial Lethean airdrop called “100 for 50”! Participants are required first to subscribe to some of our social channels, and then to post meaningful commentary of at least 50 characters on appropriate forums to enter. Each post lets a user receive part of the 20,000 coin reward pool; however, only one post on one forum per day is allowed. You can find more detail on the entry form here, or if you speak Hindi, by watching this video that talks about the promotion. Entries were opened on December 23rd, and will be open until January 8th.

Impostor Social Media Accounts

We would like to remind our users to be wary of people trying to impersonate our official accounts. Recently, there have been rumors of an airdrop with a prize pool of 10M Lethean for the purpose of building our community. This is not an official airdrop run by the Lethean team, nor have we endorsed it. The social media links related to this event are not the official Lethean social media groups. If announcements of any such events are not posted on any official accounts listed on lethean.io, it is not an official Lethean event, or an officially sponsored event. If you wish to participate in any such unofficial events with unofficial channels, we encourage you to use extreme caution to determine if participating is a wise thing to do.

Please remember that to be sure you are dealing with the real Lethean team, you must be interacting with only the accounts linked on our website and in our news posts listed under our official accounts. “LetheanMovement” or any variation thereupon is not an official Lethean account name. For more security tips regarding these issues and more, you can read this article we put out in November.


We would like to close out this update by thanking our community for sticking with us through 2018. We hope that all of our community, both old and new members, are excited as we are to see what 2019 has in store for us.


The Lethean Team




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Telegram (announcements)







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