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Lethean Paper Wallet Release


Greetings, Lethean community! We know that some users are always looking for more security when it comes to their affairs, be it in their transactions or their traffic. For the longer-term holders of cryptocurrency, software wallets usually aren’t secure enough for their needs; with enough social engineering work or brute force, there are weak points that can be exploited to gain access to wallet files or keys saved on an internet-connected computer. Paper wallets, then, are the answer to the underlying question of “how can one more securely store their coins?” A paper wallet is a set of private keys generated offline and kept on physical paper, with a corresponding public address to send coins to. While one can not send coins from a paper wallet until it is “recovered” due to the lack of any files or blockchain syncing being involved, this also means that nobody can steal anything unless they manage to figure out the private keys that match the associated address. However, coins may easily be sent to the address and then retrieved at the time of recovery. This makes paper wallets one of the most secure places to store cryptocurrency, right next to hardware wallets.

Following this, it would only make sense that we would make paper wallet technology more easily available to our community…and we have done just that. We are proud to announce that Lethean now officially supports paper wallets! You can download a paper wallet generator from our website, and follow the instructions to set up your own paper wallet. We hope that this tool proves useful when it comes to keeping your Lethean coins safe until you wish to spend them.

If you have any questions about how to make, use, or restore a paper wallet, feel free to join any of our social network channels listed below and ask for assistance. We will help you as soon as possible.





Telegram (community)

Telegram (announcements)







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Image Management

Increasing Brand Awareness


During the past few months, our development team has been discussing recent occurrences regarding our project at various conferences. On October 6th, one of our core developers and advisors, Lukas Macura, visited the Zabbix Summit in Riga Latvia and discussed the Zabbix monitoring service. Valiant, our lead developer, also appeared in an interview with the YouTube channel The CryptoClass, and talked about how Zabbix helped us to identify the recent attack that occurred on our blockchain and the aftermath of the attack. Another one of our core developers, Michael Iedema, spoke about Lethean at the Bilbao Tech Week on November 19th. He covered details regarding our blockchain, our product, and why VPNs in general are important in this day and age.

You can find a video of each team member’s presentation in the labeled links below.

Lukas at Zabbix Summit

Valiant on The CryptoClass

Michael at Bilbao Tech Week


Lethean has been added to Delta Direct


As of November 27th, Lethean is now on Delta Direct! Delta Direct is a tracking app for cryptocurrencies that is available on most major technology platforms. Delta Direct allows you to create portfolios, sync data across your devices, watch price movements, and even keep up to date with the latest news from any currencies you so choose. The program even offers direct integration with coin teams and has such features as news aggregation and push notifications, allowing you to be that much closer to the news you care about. We are very excited that Lethean has been added to this versatile platform, and we hope our community finds it a useful tool to add to their collection.

Alex at Beyond Blocks Summit


On the 26th and 27th of November, our Chief Marketing Officer, Alex, visited the Beyond Blocks Summit in Bangkok. The Beyond Blocks Summit is a two-day long event with highly respected and quality speakers, as well as panel discussions on various topics. Alex had lots of interesting conversations there with various local and foreign investors, as well as other project owners and blockchain enthusiasts. A particularly interesting part of his trip was the talks he had with members of CoinGecko, who provided insights into their upcoming features. He was even able to personally thank members of CoinGecko for adding Lethean to CoinGecko Beam. He is not finished with the summit work yet, however; now it’s time for him to follow up with the contacts worth having further discussion with, and eventually develop new relationships!


Alex meeting up with the Founder & CEO of TomoChain.

Articles about Lethean

The Hunters Group Article

Recently, Lethean was featured in an article written by The Hunters Group. The Hunters Group is an organization that looks for promising cryptocurrency projects and writes articles about the projects that they find. One of the newer article creators in this group, @Nakameowdough, polled their Twitter followers to vote on projects that they most wanted to see an article written about. Lethean was recently included in this vote, and we were in the top two of projects being considered for an article. As a result, The Hunters Group eventually published an article on November 18th regarding our project to their site. The article analyzes our project, and provides readers with an idea of what our project is about and what its use cases are. The article can be found at this link.

Matt’s article

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Matt, has written an article relating to government censorship, and how VPNs are the key to unlocking the internet. This article also briefly covers Lethean, and its contribution to the fight for an online experience whose main quality is liberty. It’s a great read for those interested in the topic in general. You can read the article over at Medium by following this link.


On November 27th, our Twitter account was suspended. After some investigation, we discovered that the suspension was caused because Twitter believed that we were exhibiting automated behavior and that as a result, we had violated the terms of service. As we manage the account manually, we therefore strongly believed that the terms of service had not been violated in any way. We quickly contacted Twitter support and asked them to re-open our account as soon as possible. As of November 30th, Twitter apologized for the inconvenience, and reinstated our account’s status. The page is now back up and available for viewing as usual.

As usual, you can connect with Lethean via any of the social networks below.




Telegram (community)

Telegram (announcements)







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Dev corner

Version 3.0.0 of the wallet has been released, finally ditching the “beta” tag for a standard release! As usual the release includes a handful of fixes which can be found in the changelog (GUI). Support for Mac OS should be fixed with this release as well. In previous beta releases there were issues with the proxy portion of the wallet, but the bug has been resolved in our testing environment. We look forward to receiving your feedback in our Discord or through one of our other social media platforms.

After the blockchain timestamp attacks last month, we implored exchanges trading Lethean to increase the required confirmations to 200. This change was made to protect our project from double spend attacks. This confirmation number was decided upon to ensure that in the event the blockchain is attacked, we would have ample time to take action.


BITKER listing:


The past 15 days have been busy for the marketing team, and we have some great achievements to show for it. Perhaps the most notable event that has occurred recently is our listing on BITKER. This new listing is an exciting milestone for Lethean. Given BITKER’s positioning in the Chinese cryptocurrency market, this listing now offers us greater exposure to Chinese users, who are among the groups of people that use and need VPNs more than most other countries in the world. It is a huge step forward, and we are very glad to be on BITKER’s platform. You can find more information about both our listing and BITKER itself from our last update, which can be found here.

Following the recent listing, some community members have had concerns over certain aspects of BITKER’s operations, and some of the statistics used in our press release. We would like to let the community know that we have heard them, and we released a response a few days ago addressing these concerns. Our response can be found in this article.

Exchange Efforts:

Our listing on BITKER is only the beginning of our efforts regarding exchange listings. We are still reaching out to many different exchanges and attempting to get listed on them as best as we can. We are doing this because we want to ensure that users have a variety of different options to acquire Lethean, and thus be able to utilize the service that we provide. We are working harder than ever to meet and exceed community expectations. We are aggressively pursuing exchange listings, capital investments, and formal investments. Formal investments and capital investments will make getting listed on exchanges much easier in the future.

Advertising campaigns update:


With the recent listing on BITKER, we have been working hard at capitalizing on the exposure we now have to the Chinese market. The above image shows some data from our Chinese ad campaign. It currently boasts a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 2.48%, which is well above the industry average for display network ads of 0.84%. We are very proud to have a marketing strategy that performs well above industry standard, and we will keep the community informed of any other major milestones as they occur. Furthermore, to complement our current advertising positions, a series of Medium articles are being developed to highlight the competitive advantages Lethean holds over its rivals and our role in eliminating online censorship.

Website translation:

We are in the process of updating our website to offer support for multiple languages. Currently, our site utilizes Google translation services. We recognize that the translations are not as accurate as they could be. For this reason, we are working in tandem with our community to offer a better experience for non-English communities. Our focus for now is to integrate native translations in Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Russian. We will keep the community updated on when manually-translated versions become available for use on the website.

Alex at Bit Thailand:


Alex recently visited BIT Thailand. During his time there, Alex was given the opportunity to network with exchanges and leaders of other projects. We are very happy that Alex was able to get the word out about Lethean at this event.

50K Lethean Discord contest:

Following the success of our previous series of puzzles and riddles, we began a new puzzle-based contest on our Discord nicknamed the “Puzzle Party”. A series of five puzzles were found in the #puzzle-party channel in our Discord. Each puzzle, when solved, gave the solver five words from a mnemonic recovery seed to a wallet. When these words were used to recover the wallet, the winner found 50,000 Lethean waiting for them. As of November 12th, the puzzles were all solved and the prize was claimed by one of our Discord community members. We greatly enjoyed making these puzzles for the community, and we may look at organizing similar events in the future.


We are very excited to see our Telegram channel growing as rapidly as it has in the past two weeks. We have had approximately 150 new users join our Telegram channel. If you need assistance at any time, please feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media channels below.




Telegram (community)

Telegram (announcements)







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Lethean Community,

We are aware that a few community members are concerned with the way that we built up hype around our BITKER exchange listing. These community members have voiced their concerns over both the listing and the validity of BITKER’s statistics. We want to clear the air about our stance, and address the concerns of our community.

First, we would like to say that we are excited about being listed by BITKER, and even more excited about being listed in such a prominent exchange according to volume in the Chinese market. China has one of the largest VPN consumer rates in the world and in our eyes, this is a huge step forward. We think it is a milestone, and well-deserving of the excitement that we encouraged leading up to the exchange listing. Though being listed on an exchange in the Chinese market is an achievement for us, we are not stopping here. We are continuing to reach out to exchanges; however, when reviewing partnerships with exchanges, we strive to ensure that the exchange promotes awareness and is also fiscally viable for us to be listed on. We believe the BITKER listing aligns with our long term goal of providing VPN services to clients worldwide. This listing in an exchange located in one of the largest VPN markets will increase brand awareness and boost the amount of Lethean users.

Some community members have questioned the validity of the information that was provided in our listing press release. We would like it to be known that all the details in our listing article were sourced from either BITKER directly, or from CoinGecko. One of the more prevalent criticisms that was raised is the volume of the exchange. We received all of the data referencing the exchange volume from CoinGecko. However, as an additional measure being taken to clear the air, the Lethean team has asked BITKER to respond to the concerns about volume.

The specific amount of users registered on BITKER’s platform was provided to us by the BITKER team, and their launch date was sourced from their website. We can appreciate why the community has reservations about BITKER’s validity, and the fact that they are not listed on CoinMarketCap. The Lethean Team was advised by BITKER that they have requested listing on CoinMarketCap.

We have asked BITKER for an official response to these matters. You can find their initial response here. We have also asked BITKER for a response addressing the amount of registered users and the amount of volume on their platform. At this time we are waiting for a reply, but we will keep you updated as we know more.

In summation, we are still very excited to see what the future holds for Lethean after opening the doors to the Chinese market. Additionally, we understand the reservations that our community has about the information that was provided. We have asked BITKER to respond to these concerns. When that information becomes available, we will direct our community to the response from BITKER. Despite the questions that were raised, we will maintain our focus on future listings for our community.


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Dear Lethean community,

In the near future, Lethean tokens will become transferable. While this is cause for celebration — we have, together, reached an important milestone — it is also a time to remind everyone of the immense number of criminals who try to steal people’s cryptocurrency and of the many scams that they perpetrate in order to do so.

Please, keep your Lethean safe.

While there is no substitute for consulting with an information security professional about the particulars of your own environment and situation to ensure that you properly protect your cryptocurrency holdings, there are some general pieces of information that we thought were important to mention.

  1. Be vigilant when interacting with Lethean on social media. It is likely that criminals will create fake Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and other accounts that attempt to impersonate Lethean and/or members of its team. They may use the bogus accounts for all sorts of nefarious purposes. Do not let them trick you. Lethean’s real accounts are listed on our website https://lethean.io — so, please, do not follow any accounts claiming to be Lethean that are not listed there — and, definitely, DO NOT follow any instructions provided by any potential impersonators. Beware: Many impersonators use account names that are similar to real accounts — our real account on Twitter, for example, is @LetheanVPN; scammers are likely to try using account names that are similar — @LetheenVPN, @LetheanUPN, @LethaenVPN, etc. Remember: Large amounts of money have been lost by people falling prey to such scams — do not join that crowd.
  2. Never send your wallet, private keys, mnemonic seed, or any cryptocurrency of any kind to anyone from Lethean in exchange for assistance. We will never ask you to send us any compensation in exchange for help, and will never ask you to send any cryptocurrency in order to participate in a giveaway. By, never, we mean never.
  3. Confirm addresses. Before sending cryptocurrency to Lethean for the purchase of Lethean tokens or some other legitimate reason, always confirm that the address to which you are sending your money matches the address listed on our website. Of course, “matches” means matches exactly. It is also a good idea to call or email us before sending any cryptocurrency to us.
  4. Use only official versions of Lethean. Cryptocurrency thieves often attempt to install, or trick others into installing onto their electronic devices, malicious software that attempts to steal cryptocurrency wallets or keys from infected machines. Sometimes the malicious software even masquerades as official software from a provider. As such, there may be attempts by criminals to create and disseminate fake Lethean software that is infected with malware. Therefore, download Lethean software from only our official Github repository https://github.com/LetheanMovement or from our website — not from anywhere else. All files that you download should be verified for authenticity and accuracy by comparing the hashes generated by a SHA256 tool. Run on the downloaded files with the expected values that are listed on our website. Do not use hash value lists from any third-party site to check the accuracy of Lethean files.
  5. Secure your devices. Make sure that you are using Internet security software on any and all computers, smartphones, and tablets from which you plan to access Lethean software and/or tokens. If for some reason Internet Security software flags your copy of Lethean as a dangerous application, contact us before proceeding. Sometimes, anti-virus software sets off false red flags, but, sometimes, it catches malware that has somehow infected an application after it was downloaded to your device.

This email is meant to provide some tips, but, obviously, does not contain a comprehensive guide to cryptocurrency. For further reading we suggest seeing the following articles:

18 Tips to Help You Secure Your Cryptocurrency How To Keep Your Bitcoin Safe And Secure

This is how you can protect your cryptocurrencies from hackers

Securing Your Wallet

How to Prevent Your Bitcoins from Being Hacked or Stolen

Beware: Criminals Are Sending Extremely Well-Written Fraudulent Emails Related To ICOs And Other Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunities

Scam Alert: Beware Social Media Accounts Impersonating Cryptocurrency Firms and Figures

We hope that this announcement helps you to keep your assets safe in these times of growth. If you have any questions or need any assistance, you are always welcome to reach out to us on our socials listed on our website. We wish you luck in staying safe as Lethean progresses.

The Lethean team.


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As the title of this article shows, we have momentous news today! We are happy to announce that Lethean has officially been approved for listing on a new exchange, BITKER. But what is BITKER, exactly?

BITKER is a major world exchange located in Singapore, but operating out of China. They have more than 300,000 registered users; this large user base is responsible for their significant daily trading volume. CoinGecko frequently ranks BITKER in the top 20 exchanges in the world by volume, and they recently reached as high as number 7. You can review BITKER on CoinGecko here. Furthermore, Bitker management has informed us that they are currently in the process of being added to CoinMarketCap.

BITKER is also a one-stop digital asset trading platform which supports over the counter and margin trading. BITKER is rapidly growing and expanding its reach worldwide. We are very excited to be listed on such a reputable and high volume exchange. We hope that this listing helps our community to more easily trade Lethean in the near future.

Most importantly, the BITKER listing will allow us to breach the Great Firewall of China, and it will allow us direct access to Chinese clientele who likely already use or have knowledge of VPNs. Furthermore, Chinese retail investors will be able to purchase Lethean, which offers us more opportunities relating to Chinese communities in general. To support our incoming Chinese clientele, we are currently in the process of adding a Chinese translation to our website to make it easier for Chinese people to learn about Lethean.

We plan to use this strategic partnership as a launchpad to propel the Lethean brand into the forefront of the VPN market.


Starting at 02:00 UTC on November 10th, users may deposit LTHN into their BITKER accounts. For security reasons, 200 confirmations will be required before deposits are credited to users’ accounts. 12 hours after deposits are opened (November 10th at 14:00 UTC), trading will begin with the following pairs:




Our community can easily contact BITKER on the following platforms:

BITKER Website: www.bitker.com

Telegram (English): https://t.me/BITKER_oversea

Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/bitker_cn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bitker1

WeChat: bitkerservice


Over the past few weeks, we have been putting out riddles for the community to solve regarding hints towards some upcoming news. We are glad to announce that in fact, this was the news that the riddles were hinting towards. The first riddle was a magic eye puzzle, which when ‘solved’, showed the letter “B” — this stood for BITKER. The second riddle was a word puzzle where one had to find what letters were in one word of a given two, but not the other. When solved, it gave the phrase “THREE HUNDRED”, which refers to BITKER’s trading volume on the date the riddle was posted. The third riddle was a multi-step riddle involving ciphers and decryption work, even involving stenography at one point. The final answer unscrambled to “Goniurosaurus hainanensis”, which is a species of Chinese cave gecko, hinting at both BITKER’s nationality and its listing on CoinGecko.

We hope users had as much fun solving the riddles to decipher the hints as we did making them. We are currently running a final puzzle with a 50K Lethean reward. If you would like to participate, please join our Discord.


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& Marketing Updates


We have some exciting news to share with our community in the coming week. We are sharing some hints about the upcoming news on our Discord, Telegram, subreddit, and Telegram announcement channels. As of right now, we are on Clue number three. If you would like to participate in the challenge, we have a 20K Lethean reward for the person that solves the most recent clue. You can find more information in the pinned message on our Telegram channel.

Dev Corner

The release schedule was interrupted last week by the urgent hard fork. Accordingly, we are targeting a new release by November 12 which includes a handful of fixes for general and proxy functionality in the graphical (GUI) wallet. As usual we will post information on the release across our news and social media channels.

Outside of ongoing proxy functionality development and fixing, the development team has significantly prioritized the task of increasing network hash rate. Last week’s attacks were ultimately 51% attacks. In order to decrease the likelihood and affordability of future attacks, it is critical to increase the number of people mining Lethean (LTHN). To that end, we have removed the pool fees for the official pool. We will also be releasing some new features for miners in the coming weeks. Currently we are exploring in-browser mining, simplifying the instructions to begin mining LTHN, and reintegration of in-wallet pool mining as it existed in earlier versions of our wallet (1.4.1 and below).

Hard fork information

If you have not read our most recent press release about the recent mandatory software upgrade (hard fork), we strongly encourage you to do so. You can read the article by visiting this link.

The press release details what occurred, why the hard fork was implemented, and how to upgrade your wallet.

If you are not using version 3.0.0.b4 or later of the wallet and daemon software, your blockchain and wallet are not in sync. Please update to the latest release as soon as possible.

Added fixes during the hard fork

  • Difficulty algorithm upgrade to LWMA-3 including bug fixing of exploit in previous algorithm
  • Reduction of the median time past (MTP) window to keep block times more consistent between nodes and reduce the potential of a future attack
  • Enforcing limits on ‘old’ blocks entering the chain (courtesy of Masari)
  • A couple upstream fixes from Monero involving transaction and timestamp processing

For all changes included in this release, please see the changelog.

As an additional note, after completing the hard fork, we discovered an issue that arose when the daemon was synced from block 0. In the case that the daemon was synced from scratch like this, the daemon would calculate the difficulty of blocks starting at 166133 as being approximately two times higher than they actually were at the time. This ultimately lead to issues with the current blockchain not following the proper chain due to different nodes having different ideas about what the current block’s difficulty should be. This issue was resolved as of the latest wallet version, 3.0.0.b4.

If you need help upgrading your wallet following this hard fork, remember that the hard fork article has information on how to do so. If you still have trouble, feel free to visit our Discord or Telegram and we will assist you as best as we can.

Wallet update:

Following the recent hard fork, it is now mandatory to update your wallet to the latest version, 3.0.0.b4, to continue sending Lethean coins. Coins sent to your address are still safe, but will not be visible or sendable until you upgrade to the new wallet, and thus the new chain. You can find the newest GUI wallet here, and the newest CLI wallet here.


Marketing updates / Seoul blockchain event

Our marketing team continues to spread Lethean brand awareness. Since the campaign began earlier this month, we have accumulated nearly 700,000 impressions as of October 28th. An approach based on targeted demographics is being taken to increase website traffic and increase overall impressions. This marketing strategy will improve brand awareness in both the VPN and cryptocurrency sectors. We are now actively focusing on reaching Chinese VPN consumers and investors. The reasoning behind the focus on the Chinese demographic will be apparent in the days to come.

Since we are committed to ensuring that we are improving both ourselves and our communication, we are conducting another survey. This survey will help us better understand how we can improve. Additionally, the information provided in this survey will help us to advertise better. The survey may be found here.

As we mentioned in our last update, our social media manager, Alex, visited the blockchain expo located in Seoul. As he is currently based in Thailand, the business trip to South Korea presented a viable opportunity to create some public awareness and interest in Lethean within the Asian community. Seoul has grown massively over the years in terms of cryptocurrency and blockchain developments, so this event (which is the first of its kind) brought many major Korean players on board. Projects such as Icon, Cortex, and Airbloc took part in the expo. Furthermore, a number of bigger Chinese and Korean exchanges had their stalls set up at this event. Demand was generally huge, as many people attended the gathering. The event itself consisted of 2 days filled with presentations, meetups, and interviews. The afterparty that followed made for a great networking experience. Alex had a lot of time for networking, and had some very interesting discussions with retail investors from China and Korea. Additionally, Alex was able to meet with venture capitalists, exchanges, and other project co-founders.


Store Shipping Cost Reduction

It was apparent that the shipping price for users outside the United States was too high for our store. To ensure that all of our community members have the ability to get Lethean merchandise without paying shipping prices that were almost as expensive as the item itself, we managed to reduce the shipping cost for users outside the United States.

The store can be found here. We hope that this change will allow those that were unable to purchase Lethean merchandise because of the higher shipping cost to now do so if they wish. We will continue to update our store with new merchandise as we move forward.


Exchange outreach update

Over the course of the last few weeks the team has been reaching out to exchanges and requesting listing. Some notable exchanges that we have submitted an application for are Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitker, and Bitfineon. We have received very positive feedback a number of these exchanges, and we look forward to providing more details as they become available.


You can keep in contact with Lethean via any of the social networks below.




Telegram (community)

Telegram (announcements)







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The purpose of this post is to detail the blockchain attacks and the chain split that occurred over the past six days.

TL;DR: Lethean hard forked, meaning a software update is required to continue using the blockchain. New downloads are available now for the CLI and GUI. Exchanges have been informed of the update and should resume deposits/withdraws soon.

Blockchain attack

On October 20 at approximately 21:00 UTC, an attack was attempted on the Lethean (LTHN) blockchain. The attacker attempted to exploit the difficulty algorithm, which is the portion of the blockchain code that decides how much work is needed to make a block. Ultimately, this initial attempt failed, and the attacker later attempted a secondary attack on the blockchain around October 21 00:45 UTC. The successful attack operationalized the same flaw in the difficulty algorithm, allowing several thousand blocks to be mined with ease.

Exchanges During Blockchain attack

When it became clear to us that the blockchain was potentially under attack, we immediately reached out to exchanges and requested to have deposits and withdrawals stopped. Fortunately, the timing of our response meant that no exchange was able to receive deposits and withdrawals after the attack. This was confirmed by both exchanges currently listing LTHN (TradeOgre, Stex).

After the attacks were recognized, our blockchain team went to work right away to understand the issue and create a solution. As it was determined that exchanges did not suffer any losses in the attacked blocks, the logical choice was to roll back the blockchain and prevent the attacker from receiving any of the coins they mined. More information about the initial response and our strategy can be found in our October 22 attack post.

Hard Fork

On October 23 at approximately 15:00 UTC, we finalized our hard fork and released 3.0.0.b3 (“beta 3”). This hard fork implemented CryptoNight variant 2 proof-of-work into our blockchain, following Monero, and fixed the attack method used on October 20. Although we performed extensive testing on “beta 3” release before pushing it to users, the described bug did not reveal itself until running on the network for many hours. After the beta 3 release, a bug was identified in some daemons.

Users that resynced the entire blockchain before upgrading to b3 experienced a difficulty bug that led to several chain splits and issues syncing on October 24. The bug took some time to track down and resolve, and ultimately lead to the release of 3.0.0.b4 (“beta 4”) on October 25. We have carefully observed the behavior of the beta 4 release over the last 24 hours and feel confident in its readiness for full release. We appreciate your patience while we monitored blockchain performance and waited to announce the release until it was ready. Accordingly, until this moment, we have kept exchange deposits and withdraws paused out of an abundance of caution*.

Software Update Instructions

Anyone with wallet version 3.0.0.b3 or lower will need to update to 3.0.0.b4: (GUI download) (CLI download). Once you have downloaded and updated your wallet, you will need to ensure that you have not synced past the current block height on the block explorer. You can cross check the current top height at our remote node.

After you upgrade your Lethean daemon and/or wallet, it is critical you first verify that your blockchain height matches the one displayed in the explorer and remote node. If your blockchain height matches and you either never downloaded beta 3 or never resynced your chain before beta 3, your upgrade is complete. If you used beta 3 and resynced your chain, it is possible your blockchain is corrupt.

Extended Update Instructions

The aforementioned corruption in the blockchain led to a splitting of the chain for some pools. We have contacted all known pool operators with update instructions to ensure they have resolved the issue.

To determine if your blockchain is corrupt, open the Lethean daemon (letheand) and run the command `print_block 260000`. Information for the block will print out; we are only interested in the `difficulty` portion. The difficulty for that block should be 311321599 exactly. If it is anything different, your blockchain is corrupt. Two methods for remediation exist:


1) Run lethean-blockchain-import — pop-blocks <TOP HEIGHT MINUS 166000> to reduce your block height to 166000. The issue with diff occurred at block 166133, so popping that many blocks will allow you to sync successfully with proper difficulty. This command can take some time to run, so be patient.
2) Delete your entire database and resync from 0. This is more time consuming than #1.

After you’ve removed enough blocks to get yourself to the proper height, simply open your daemon and it should sync properly. It will most likely take a few hours to sync to the top height. Speed up syncing by adding the parameter ` — block-sync-size 250` when launching `letheand`.

If you experience issues syncing, you can use some or all of the exclusive nodes known to be correctly functioning:,,

Add an exclusive node to your daemon by launching it via command line: “letheand — add-exclusive-node”

Added fixes during the hard fork

  • Difficulty algorithm upgrade to LWMA-3 including bug fixing of exploit in previous algorithm
  • Reduction of the median time past (MTP) window to keep block times more consistent between nodes and reduce the potential of a future attack
  • Enforcing limits on ‘old’ blocks entering the chain (courtesy of Masari)
  • A couple upstream fixes from Monero involving transaction and timestamp processing

For all changes included in this release, please see the changelog.

Exchanges During the Chain Split

*After the initial beta 3 release and prior to the chain split issue arising, we contacted TradeOgre and Stocks.Exchange (Stex) and requested that they reopen trading. This occurred on October 23 21:02 UTC. TradeOgre reopened deposits and withdrawals at 23:34 UTC. Once it was clear that our chain had forked, we requested that deposits and withdrawals be paused again on October 24 11:52 UTC. Since Trade Ogre had placed a 99 confirmation hold on deposits and withdrawals, deposits and withdrawals from the time the chain split until the time the pause was requested did not enter or leave the exchange. The chain split was recognized and managed quickly enough that adverse effects were minimized. Stocks.Exchange deposits remained closed during the entire “beta 3” chain split issue.

Mining pools

At this time, miners should not be concerned with using the following preferred pools which have been confirmed to be properly updated**:


On October 20 at 21:00 UTC, an attack attempt was made on our blockchain. This initial attempt was unsuccessful. On October 21st at 00:45 UTC, a successful attack was made on the blockchain. This attack required us to hard fork, roll back the blockchain, pause exchanges, and implement a new difficulty algorithm. The team completed these tasks in a little over 36 hours.

After finalizing the hard fork, any person or pool that synchronized the blockchain from 0 or popped blocks off of their blockchain data and resynchronized from a point prior to or during the Lethean version 3 or Lethean version 4 block change (block 166133) had their blockchain incorrectly calculating the difficulty for new blocks. This resulted in pools splitting the blockchain.

During this time, exchanges were asked to pause deposits and withdrawals. This was requested to ensure that their internal accounting remained correct while still allowing users to trade Lethean. Since no new Lethean has entered or exited exchanges during this time, no one trading Lethean on either exchange should be impacted.

Final thoughts

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to both our community and our team. Although this was a chaotic time for our development team, we could not be more impressed with their work and diligence. We appreciate all of the community support that we received during this time, and we hope that we were able to make this hard fork as smooth as possible for you. We also appreciate the cooperation from pool admins as software had to be updated, blockchains manually fixed, and balances adjusted.

As always, lessons were learned, and we plan to perform better in the face of another threat to the blockchain. We know this post was quite dense in terms of information but we believe in transparency, and we think it is important for our community to precisely understand the events as they unfolded.

Throughout the course of the attack, we coordinated with several other coin developers to notify them of the difficulty algorithm exploit. We feel this type of communication is imperative in cryptocurrency and we hope to receive the same courtesy from other developers. We are exploring expansion of our Zabbix monitoring to receive more proactive alerts about impending attacks of this nature in the future, and considering further modification to the daemon code. We are in the process of contacting some cryptocurrency personalities for an in-depth interview and walkthrough on the attack, our response and the aftermath. If you’re interested in talking to us, please let us know!

We look forward to discussing all of our successes with you on November 1 for our regularly scheduled biweekly update.


The Lethean Team

** If you are a Lethean pool admin and your pool is not listed here, please contact us on Discord.


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Attack update


Lethean Community,

We appreciate your patience during our investigation of the attacks on our blockchain. On 10/21/18 at 00:00 UTC, our blockchain was attacked. The attack exploited the difficulty algorithm, and the attacker managed to acquire approximately 5.4 million Lethean, which is roughly a week’s worth of block rewards. Prior to the attack on 10/21/18, we were investigating a potential attack that occurred earlier that day. The first attack on our network was not accepted by our blockchain. However, because the initial attempt raised our suspicions, we paused trading on our exchanges.

After the second attack, it became clear to us that we would need to protect our community and the value of Lethean. After confirming with exchanges that the last exchange deposit occurred on or before block 296287, we made the decision to roll back the blockchain to block 296287. This was not a decision that we took lightly. This decision was made in the interest of our investors and community. Any trading on exchanges during this time will not result in a loss for our community, and the rollback to block 296287 will result in the attacker not receiving any stolen blocks.

After it was concluded that the crux of the attack was the difficulty algorithm, our developers corrected the underlying issue. Other coins using the algorithm have been notified. On the plus side, the new difficulty algorithm should offer improved reliability and shorter gaps between blocks when hash power fluctuates, and that the new CryptoNight version 2 (also referred to as Monero version 8) technology was implemented into our blockchain. In conjunction with the previously mentioned changes, our development team has also implemented a few bug fixes. We were hoping to implement the changes today. However, we want to ensure that we test the code extensively and ensure compatibility with pools and mining software before we execute the hard fork. Due to these extensive tests, we have pushed back the implementation until later today, October 23rd, and our community should anticipate its release in the late afternoon.

What does this mean for our community?

Until the fork has been finalized and the changes are live, our community should pause all mining, and any deposits or withdrawals to any location, whether it is an exchange or not. Any transactions that are sent after block 296287 will be reverted back to their location on that block. This means that if a transaction did not exist before or on this block, then it will no longer exist on the post-hard fork blockchain, and the funds will be where they were before sending as of block 296287.

Once the hard fork has been implemented, you will be required to download the new Lethean wallet. Once you have downloaded the wallet, you will only need to open your wallet file to access your Lethean. The blockchain should properly fork and sync without additional steps required.

We will be working with our exchanges in the coming days to ensure that they are operational and capable of accepting deposits and withdrawals.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on our social media platforms, Discord, or Telegram. Any coin developers looking for information on the exploit and its relevance to the LWMA difficulty algorithm are also welcome to contact us for clarification or assistance. We would be happy to assist you.


The Lethean Team.


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On 10/21/18 at approximately 00:00 UTC, it became clear to us that a malicious entity had attacked the LTHN blockchain. Until more information is available and we have a solution to this problem in place, we have currently paused withdrawals and deposits on exchanges. We advise that users do not mine or send coins until the issue is resolved, as we are currently planning a rollback to block 296287 at this time, and any transactions from that block forward will be erased. This block number may change slightly as we gather more information.

We are currently working on a resolution, and will let you know when we have more information on the final details.


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The past few weeks have been exciting ones for the Lethean team. Following our website release and version 3 beta release of our software, we have been working diligently on all aspects of the project. Today, we would like to share with you the fruits of our efforts on both old fronts and new, among which are increased marketing efforts, new members being added to the team, and more developments on the software side of things.

Marketing has begun!

Since our last update, we have begun some marketing campaigns. The campaigns consist of both banner ads on various platforms and YouTube ads. These ads have been performing very well, with a clickthrough rate of 2.33%. For reference, in most forms of ads the average clickthrough rate is approximately 2.00%. This shows that we are currently exceeding general expectations regarding our ratio of impressions to clicks. You can see a snapshot of our impressions and clickthrough rate from the start of our campaigns (October 5th) through the day the snapshot was taken (October 10th) below.


The graph does show October 11th, which was not calculated in this graph and has a zero value as a result. However, up to October 10th, we had 1,880 clicks and 80,000 impressions.

In addition, Alex, our Social Media Manager, will be visiting the Korean Blockchain Expo on the 23rd and 24th of October, which is located in Seoul. The purpose of his attendance will be to connect and network with venture capitalists, private investors, and other projects in the cryptocurrency area, as well as to raise general awareness of Lethean in the field.

You can find more information about the expo at their website here.

Dev Corner

We have continued testing and improving the functionality of the browser extension, wallet and dispatcher (exit node). Several bugs have been squashed including issues with sending and receiving payments for proxy services, a transaction processing bug reported upstream by Monero, and crashes in Windows. The development team is planning the next release (3.0.0 beta 3) for early next week (on or before Tuesday, October 23), which will address all of these issues. The Firefox extension has been brought up to speed with its Chrome counterpart and will also be listed on the Firefox Add-Ons store by the end of this week. Mac is still undergoing testing and repair due to persistent issues with dependencies.

On the topic of releases, we are very pleased to announce the promotion of Michael Iedema (@iedemam) to Release Engineer. With Michael dedicated to this position, we believe our release schedule will be more consistent and our overall productivity will be improved. Michael brings a wealth of experience in this area from his background in enterprise development, and his assistance is a greatly appreciated augmentation to our development flow.

The Lethean remote daemon node (sync.lethean.io) saw some downtime last week as interest in our work exploded, paralleling the rapid price increase. Our cloud solutions architect, Lee, was on top of the issue to bring the nodes back up to speed and put improved load balancing features in place to prevent issues like this in the future. Maintaining nearly uninterrupted uptime of the remote nodes is a high priority for us.

Another consequence of the increased attention on LTHN has been an increase in hash rate. This is great news for the Lethean network, because more people mining leads to increased decentralization of the system. Increased decentralization means there are fewer singular points for failure, and greater dissemination of the blockchain information. Since hash rate can fluctuate significantly, this led to several periods of slow blocks.


We want to reassure our users that slow blocks can be normal at times. If the network has a large influx of hash power, and the hash power then leaves, the blockchain takes some time to normalize and return to two minute block times. As the LTHN network grows, small changes in hashpower will not have as much of a significant impact on block times. If you are ever uncertain about the status of the LTHN network or would like to follow the network performance, check out our Zabbix monitoring system or the block explorer.

We are pleased to announce the full release of the Lethean Node List Marketplace. This sleek visual representation of exit nodes on the network brings us closer to a decentralized sharing economy helping to empower Internet freedom.

NYC video info


Some may recall that Casey, our Social and Marketing Strategy Manager, had a business meeting in New York City back in August. This was discussed in our update on August 1st. The meeting was filmed at Nasdaq Studios, which allowed Casey to meet with potential investors as well. The company that filmed the video, NewEconomies.com, interviewed Casey and discussed the ins and outs of the Lethean project, such as its foundation, why it exists, and some of the mechanics and reasons to utilize it. To view the video, follow this link.

New Mods/Team

Due to conflicts regarding schedules, our previous community manager, Bobby (also known as LastCrazyWizard) was finding it difficult to spend the time that we believe is necessary in his role as community manager. We believe that our community is one of the most important aspects of our business, and because of that, we have added a new community manager to the team. Previously acting as a moderator, Kostas (also known as Made in Chernobyl) will be the new community manager.


Konstantinos is a computer engineer from Greece. He believes that blockchain technology will have a huge impact in the future, so he tries to learn more about it every day. He came across Lethean (although it was IntenseCoin at the time) in January of 2018 while researching anonymous coins. During the attack on our blockchain, he saw the high level of support that the team provided to users and decided to contribute as much as he could. This way, he earned a spot on the moderator team. A few months have passed, and now he has now been promoted to a new position as community manager. He believes that with the help of our community the project can achieve its potential, so his goals are to make the community feel like part of the project, to promote more communication, and to welcome everyone new who wants to share with us the vision of a more private Internet.

We also have two new moderators on our team being introduced: nick1492 and CrypticDolphin. In addition to being part of the moderation team, both Nick and CrypticDolphin will be assisting in graphic design relating to our content and marketing efforts. We feel that they will be a great addition to the moderator team!

Exchange reachout efforts

We are in the process of reaching out to exchanges and gauging their interest with regards to listing us on their platforms. We have reached out to approximately five exchanges, and we are working with those that have responded to us to see if it is possible to get Lethean listed on them. We will continue to update the community as more information becomes available to us. New exchange listings will be determined by us once we have received an offer from a given exchange and evaluated the costs and benefits of being added to the exchange that has reached out to us.

New store items


Don’t forget to visit our shop as well! There are some new items added from the last update that you may be interested in purchasing. Proceeds from the store go towards helping us fund more marketing campaigns.

Social media links

As always, you may keep in touch with Lethean via any of the social networks listed below.




Telegram (community)

Telegram (announcements)







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As you are already aware, we have had a number of changes occur in the past two months. These changes have been both challenging and exciting for the team. The new and old faces joining our content creation, marketing, and social media teams are excited and have been working hard to push us to new heights. In conjunction with our marketing and social media teams being hard at work, our development team has been continuing their dedicated work on the Browser Extension. We would like to share some of the wonderful things that we have been doing these past two weeks for our community.

New wallet and Browser Extension release

1*-wz8ffz5_wxCPqrIYCI0rg.pngLethean Wallet v3.0.0.b2 Showing ‘Waiting’ screen after purchasing proxy access from an exit node

Today marks the release of Version 3.0.0.b2 of the Lethean wallet, Browser Extension and dispatcher. Upgrading to version 3 of the wallet is mandatory to continue using the Proxy/Browser Extension features. Many bugs were fixed and some new features were added:

● The wallet now checks with the remote exit node to determine if payment was received and will indicate this information to the user.

● The browser extension is more user friendly, and should no longer give ‘false’ disconnects when browsing certain websites. It also will display information in the extension about the remote node it is connected to.

● Connections between clients and exit nodes should be more stable.

● Dispatcher management of funds paid by users should be improved.

● A rush patch of the command line wallet (CLI) went out two days ago to address the critical ‘burn bug’ found by Monero. We have notified TradeOgre and Stocks.exchange to update their wallet and resume trading.

1*fb1tPKNNtrtiE7VsSz7m8g.pngLethean Browser Extension

While we are still considering this iteration of version 3 to be in “beta” (hence the b2 designation, signifying beta 2), we have squashed all major bugs and are anticipating very few bug fixes in the next 1–2 weeks before pushing a final version 3. Today’s release only supports Windows, Linux and Chrome.

This week, we are focusing on releasing the wallet for Mac and Browser Extension for Firefox, as some bugs prevented support for these platforms from making this week’s release. Functionality should be nearly identical between the three operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac) and two browsers (Chrome and Firefox) that we fully support, so we are not expecting significant bugs.

To update your wallet, please download the latest version from the Lethean GUI Wallet GitHub releases page.

If you are using the Browser Extension installed from the Chrome Web store, the extension is auto updating and no action is required on your part. It can take up to 24–48 hours to auto update, or check out this article to manually trigger an update for Chrome extensions.

Roadmap rework

In the interest of transparency, we have revised our roadmap to better reflect where we’ve been, where we are, and where we plan to go over the coming quarters. This roadmap covers everything from planned software developments to overall market goals. The roadmap can be found on our website here. We hope that this newly polished document helps keep the community well-informed on what we have planned for the future.



We are conducting a survey in order to help pinpoint our target demographic. This should help us narrow down who exactly uses, plans to use, or is using VPNs, why they are using them, and if they plan to use our own VPN services as they come. This information will be helpful in our upcoming marketing efforts, as it will shed light on who needs the product the most, why they need it, and what approximate area they are located in as well. In addition, users taking this survey will be able to help shape the product so that it better fits any needs that may not be fulfilled by more traditional VPN services.

Going forward, we will be opening a separate monthly survey as well so that we may stay in touch with the community, their concerns, and their feedback. This monthly survey is intended to help us improve our work using the community’s input, and also to make sure we’re on track to meet our goals. We hope that the survey produces helpful feedback so that we may better align ourselves with everyone’s interests.

Website launch


We are pleased to announce that as of Thursday, September 27th, we kept our 1-week delivery promise from the 9/20 news post and launched our new website, lethean.io. The website had been unfortunately delayed due to reasons touched on in previous monthly updates, but it is now up and running. Intensecoin.com is now automatically redirecting to our new home at Lethean.io.

The new website features a wealth of resources covering who we are, where to download the latest software, specifications on the coin itself, tutorials regarding the software, and more. We hope that the hard work and dedication of our team is reflected by the website’s release. We would like to extend a special thank you to @VGK, @FlöckchenTV, and @RedShadow. Each of these Discord moderators greatly aided us with the website coding. Without them this would not have been possible!

Merch store


We have launched a new merchandise front recently via Shopify. The selection of items is small for now, but as we gauge interest in what potential buyers would want, we will add to our selection. The current items for sale are a T-shirt, a poster, an iPhone case (for generations 6 and up), a drawstring bag, and a coffee mug, all with some form of logo or text on them representing our brand.

You may find the store here.

Youtube videos released

With the release of the website, we also have released some instructional videos on how to download, set up, and operate our software. These videos are designed with our users in mind, and are aimed at providing simple, clear instructions to get users up and running. The videos cover subjects such as how to install a Windows wallet, how to install the Google Chrome Browser Extension, and how to connect to a remote node. You may find them on our Youtube channel here, or on our website in the relevant section to a video’s topic.

Social media

We have given our Reddit page a brand new look to better match our overall aesthetic with some new colors and sleeker formatting. We have added additional links to enhance the visibility of resources for our community.


Our Telegram is growing in population as well. If you haven’t visited already, be sure to do so here. If you need another place to keep up with the most recent news, we also have a channel for announcements here.

You can keep in contact with Lethean via any of the social networks below:












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