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First of all, we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to submit questions. The second round has brought loads of interesting questions and points we are glad to be clarifying.


Can you introduce the re-brand reasons?

The rebranding is the logical conclusion of these lasts months reflexions about the products we wanted to have in the X-CASH galaxy. The initial line of products do not drastically change but thanks to the rebranding they can now be easily identified and understood, more particularly for new joiners.

Will the ticker “XCA” be changed?

No, the ticker will remain the same. It was initially set as “XCA” but since the exchange listing, we chose to change it to “XCASH” to make it easier to read.

What are the major hurdles and obstacles the team feel they need to overcome in order for success?

The list of obstacles could be endless so we chose to stick to the three major ones. The biggest obstacle is definitely the technical part, as switching a Monero-like coin to a proof-of-stake consensus is far from being easy. Further down the road, the implementation of sidechains will also be very challenging. For many reasons, we always felt that such a project had to be disruptive from a technical perspective to be successful. Our stance on this has not changed and we think we will be able to deliver these items along the year.

The second most important obstacle is the community growth. Any project in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space cannot succeed without a significant community of investors/users/developers. Our stance on this has not derived from the beginning, deliver first and then handle marketing. As we start delivering the technical upgrades in early 2019, we will also accelerate our communication and community growth.

Finally, it is important to recall the strong correlation of our business to the cryptocurrency markets. This last component is why we have decided through the rebranding to put more stress on x-blockchain services. This offers a good hedge to our company as we will be generating profits next year, whatever the crypto market condition is.

There will be 4 different coins or only xcash?

There will only be one coin which is the current XCASH. The technical details of the coin remain unchanged and it will be used in all other services.

How can we exchange xcash to BTC right now?

You can buy xcash on 3 different exchanges:

However, only Cryptopia and Trade Satoshi have the BTC/XCASH pair. We recommend you check the price of the pair before deciding to buy using BTC. At the time of the article, buying XCASH with BTC is 3 to 4 times the price of buying XCASH with LTC.

X-Cash (XCASH) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap

Note: since the initial writing of the article, Cryptopia has suffered significant funds loss due to a hack of their Ethereum wallet. It is currently unclear whether or not they will resume operations.

How will the signature campaign/advertising XCA/XNETWORK look like?

The signature campaign will start shortly and will advertise all 4 products with a strong emphasis on the Airdrop.

How do I become part of the team/are you guys hiring?

We are in the process of hiring people in Paris. The job offers will shortly be published on our website and some other crypto-related news pages. In short, if you have a passion for crypto with deep coding, marketing and or finance skills, please contact us.

However, we are still looking for ambassadors. We have had great applications that are still being processed but are always glad to get more. If you are interested, please send an application to jobs@x-cash.org with information about yourself and your experience in crypto.

Did you find Private Investors for the 5 Billion XCASH (5%)? Did you start the sales?

There are several investors who are in line to buy from the 5bn coin reserve dedicated to it. We will open the sale in the next weeks with plans to slowly release this reserve throughout the first half of 2019. There will be an online tracker to watch the funds status.

Are you planning to offer Nano Ledger support? If yes, when? If no, how to achieve total security for one owns X-cash savings?

We have just started to look at Ledger implementation. This will require some development and we plan to add it in the year. This is not the top priority for the moment.

In any way, the most secure way of securing your funds remain using a cold wallet.

Any future partner plans?

We are not ready to announce any partnership for the moment but there are some ongoing discussions.

Where do you see XCASH in 3–5 years?

Several paths are possible but the one we are targetting is the same since the beginning. Wide adoption from both retail consumers and corporates, more particularly in finance, with the highest level of regulatory compliance. XCASH will be the core utility token of the network and be used to create sidechains while allowing onchain and offchain payments.

Among this bad market, what makes you sure that this x-cash project will survive since we already know that besides exchange, there are so many blockchain implementations for payment project out there, you have many competitors, but what makes you sure?

There is no certainty is any business, more particularly startups, and even more particularly blockchain projects. Our strategy to “survive” is to generate the first profits to show the viability of the project. To generate these profits, we will need to generate sales and find the potential use case and clients for our products. The growing community we are building will help a lot in gaining the initial traction but as the business will become more and more competitive the key to success is comparative advantages. We have already described in the Whitepaper how we plan on becoming a true competitive payment solution and the x-bank will go in the same direction. On the blockchain services part, we have a similar stance where we strongly believe our solution will be cheaper and easier than the competitors’.

As many projects are closing down due to funding issues, does x-cash team have enough funding or financial support for the project to continue or finish all the project commitments?

From the beginning, we have prepared for the worst by building a cost-efficient structure. We now see this as another advantage as many projects have to close or lay off staff due to the inability to pay salaries. This is more an opportunity for us to grow as we will start generating revenues in 2019, while using our crypto and equity market cap to secure additional funding. To conclude, according to our current funding structure we should be able to support the project throughout the year of 2019 without significant funding issue.

Will there be a fork?

The next planned fork will occur for the switch of x-cash to PoW to PoS in Q1 2019.

What do you plan to do to ensure high liquidity for future project plans?

If you are referring to market liquidity, we have several plans, most of them being described in the Whitepaper. The primary one will be to add x-cash to additional exchanges and increasing numbers of trading pairs. One of the other solutions we are seriously investigating is the release of derivatives instruments but this is further down the road as we will need to already have well-established markets.

Have you thought about creating a physical card you can use for payment?

Yes, this is considered but there are already many actors in this market so we will have to carry an extensive review of what is doable. What we will need to particularly clear out is whether or not we are able to provide a solution with lower costs while keeping the efficiency high.


What will the xbank do?

The bank will first be an online x-cash storage facility where we will later allow the storage and exchange of other assets. x-bank will be tightly linked to x-payment with the goal to facilitate payments between users and developers through APIs implementation.

When the xbank will be launched, will there be an option included that involves fiat currency?

We are reviewing the possibility to later add FIAT currency (EUR) to the x-bank but this is more complicated as it involves a license from the regulator.

Can you please elaborate on the implementation details of xbank? How will you ensure safety/reliability while also not becoming fully centralized and suffering from issues that have plagued Ripple?

While we cannot fully disclose the full security features we are implementing, we can mention that we will be using a combination of hot and cold storage to guarantee most of the funds are out of reach. In addition, we have implemented a multi-signature wallet mechanism that increases the number of validators in order to perform wallet operations. x-bank will be added on top of the x-cash network meaning that all wallet operations will always be done on the x-cash network itself which is already significantly decentralized.

Will issuing gateways be used outside of the xcash ledger?

If your question is whether or not additional cryptocurrencies will be added in x-payment the answer is yes.

Will sidechains be involved in the xbank?

Likely no.


What are the changes to the airdrop? / How the new project additions will impact airdrop and what about KYC?

In principle, the airdrop will remain the same: a 20-month airdrop program where the remaining of the monthly airdrop/bounty pool of XCASH is distributed fairly between all registered users.

Now, the airdrop will be distributed through the x-bank users. Users will have to create an account on the x-bank, and validate their account using a phone number (SMS based verification). This is the only level of verification that we will operate to validate an account to receive the airdrop. Users will have then the option to register for the airdrop when the registration is opened. The process will be relatively the same as before, except it will not go through the x-cash.org website but the x-bank.


With POS coming in, will there be any change to the total supply of the coin?

No, the technical characteristics of the coin remain the same.

With the upcoming MN, what if a user does not have enough XCA to setup his/her own masternode?

Unless major changes in the architecture, the minimum stake to participate in the dPoS consensus will be 1M XCASH. Amounts below will not be able to participate.

I am sure there will be shared MN’s, but how to prevent the MN owner ‘runs away’ with the coins in the shared MN?

In a regular proof-of-stake scheme, there is no finite way to prevent this as the stake has to be centralized in a single wallet, meaning that this is mostly trust based. x-cash proof-of-stake will be slightly different as the “stakers” will always be in control of their stakes. We will provide shortly a detailed article on this.

If I have 100M XCA and want to setup my own MN, what is the procedure? / Will I need to setup my own server and do all the work myself? Or the team will take care of everything and I will just lend my tokens?

Setting up a masternode/delegate will involve some technical work for which we will provide a detailed tutorial. Also, we will carry an extensive alpha tests period on test net where everyone will be able to accommodate (and discover potential issues) about the new mechanism.

Another thing is, what is the minimum duration of a MN? For how long will my tokens will be locked up?

There will be no time lock for the collateral of the Masternodes/delegates. Your stake behind the voting mechanism always remains available.

To be able to run a masternode, will the quantity remains the same or will be reduced a little bit into 1M?

The minimum amount to participate is set at 1M XCASH. This might evolve, particularly based on the price of XCASH itself.

Having enough collateral is it possible for a single holder to setup multiple masternodes on the same PC?

Although it is theoretically possible to run multiple delegates on the same instance due to low computing power usage, it would require some significant additional work which we have not planned to do for the time being.

When will PoS will be available?

We are planning on switching to PoS in Q1 2019.

100M stake and limited to 500 as of the last update, is it still the same? What are the reward fees and such?

We are going to reduce the initial number of masternodes to ease and accelerate the consensus process. The reward mechanism will remain the same as initially stated which corresponds to the mining reward structure.

Will staking be through the wallet on Windows or will it be through Linux where best option is VPS?

For stability reasons, we will recommend to use a Linux based operating system to run a masternode but the binaries will be compilable on all OS.

Can you confirm there will be a way to participate to a MN even with less than the 100M?

Yes, as stated above minimum stake will be in the 1M XCASH range.

What role will masternodes play, if any, in the operation of X-Bank?

Masternodes will play a significant role with regards to consensus mechanism on the blockchain. There is no particular link to the x-bank beside the fact that it might operate one of them.


Why do you help to create ERC20 tokens?

Our blockchain service offer will progressively scale up to other blockchains including ethereum. The primary reason is that there are several answers for several needs. While x-cash sidechains will be very interesting to answer customized needs, we feel there is still a strong demand for more standardized products like ERC20 tokens.

Will X-Cash be needed for creating ERC20 tokens? If X-Cash is not needed for creating ERC20 tokens please explain why?

The x-blockchain services will be the first implementation of x-payment merchants solution and as a result, x-cash, as well as fiat and other cryptocurrencies, will be used to buy the services.

Don’t you think you should focus on the X-Cash blockchain and should not provide help creating competitive ERC20 tokens?

ERC20 tokens are very standardized and do not compete with x-cash sidechain tokens. We see this more as a way to extend our offer than creating competition between products.

How Will X-Cash run its own mainnet in the future?

x-cash mainnet structure will not drastically change in the future. There will be a change in the consensus algorithm to dPoS and later on sidechains will be added.

How will the sidechain work for xcash and ERC20 tokens?

ERC20 token will always remain on the ethereum blockchains. Sidechains will have many use cases including the creation of token.

Will xcash run their blockchain on ETHEREUM? NEO? EOS ? or will it create its own mainnet?

X-cash will continue to run on its own mainnet, just as it is now.


X-CASH DISCORD AMA #2 was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Dear X-CASH Community,

Today, we would like to give you more insights into the development of the mobile wallet, specifically the iOS wallet (Apple devices).

This article is designed to give you a deeper look into the general user experience of the mobile wallet.


Creating a new wallet

You can create a brand new wallet in the X-CASH wallet app. You can personalize the wallet icon to differentiate your wallets, name them and secure them with a password.


Importing an existing wallet

If you already have an X-CASH wallet, you can easily import it into the app using your mnemonic seed.

Please note that all encryption and security-related features are handled on the client side. The application does not send Mnemonic seeds and private keys to any server.

Account summary and transaction details

As you can do already with the GUI and Web Wallet, you will be able to check your account summary, incoming and outgoing transactions of your wallet on the main page.


Settings and wallet details, generate QR Code

You can check your wallet public and private keys, and mnemonic seed in the wallet details tab. In the settings tab, you will be able to change the parameters of your wallet app such as security (password, add a timeout and change the app server).


You can also generate a QR code of your wallet to give to others to receive transactions.


Create new contact

You can add new contacts to your app by providing the wallet address or a QR code of your recipient’s wallet.


Send transactions

Finally, you can send transactions, either by entering the XCASH address of your recipient, by choosing a contact in your contacts book or by scanning the QR code of your recipient’s wallet.


As you can see, the wallet development is quite advanced, and we are planning on releasing it to everyone soon. We still have improvements to bring on the send x-cash function and on the transaction information display, but you will be able to experience it hands-on in a short time.

Do you have suggestions or questions? Please don’t hesitate to comment on this article with your remarks.


X-CASH iOS Wallet Development Update was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Dear X-CASH community,

It has now been 4 months that we launched the X-CASH project and it has been an incredible adventure from many perspectives.

A brief history

We have received an overall good feedback from the community and I wanted to recall the 3 major positive comments that have been brought to us lately:
- level of dedication of the team: we do work all day, 7 days a week on this project and I want to thank again all the team for this
- transparency & self-investment: we are a no-ICO project with a significant initial investment made from ourselves
- project potential and vision: we are addressing real-world issues with a blockchain technological answer

To be consistent and fair, we must also recall what has been the major critics and suggestions that have been brought to us:
- network technical issues in the early days: mostly due to potential threats from the Monero source code we inherited from and that we progressively solved
- wallet bugs and synchronization issues: partially solved thanks to the deployment of a worldwide network of remote nodes.
- lack of marketing and hype

On this last point, I want to highlight that this has been partly intentional (and mentioned from the start) as we needed time to structure the deep vision and roadmap we have for this project.

Through multiple iterations, discussions with the community, the writing of the whitepaper and several presentations, we have now come to the end of this process and we are both excited and thrilled to present you what will be the future of X-CASH.

X-CASH rebranding to x-network

1*cnLOgSumwGbSh_HZrhHAXQ.jpegX-CASH project becomes x-network

As you have noticed, our goal has always been able to build a galaxy of products that interact and have a high level of synergies. To do this, we now need to put words on ideas and create a new line of 4 products that will fall under a global brand called x-network.
In practice, this will translate in a global rebranding of x-cash.org while adding 4 other websites along the products releases in the next month.


x-cash: a utility token to power the x-network (launched: July 30th, 2019)

In this new configuration, we are keeping the initial goal of our cryptocurrency which is to be a mean of peer-to-peer payment and a utility token to create sidechains/blockchain.

The roadmap for our cryptocurrency remains the same as we have already delivered the flexprivacy© feature that allows for transparency/privacy in the transfer at the discretion of the user’s choice.

1*Lmk0Lh8LNH4E9-OdgMT1Ug.jpegx-cash flexprivacy was released in November 2018

The PoS switch, which is a similar challenge from a technical perspective as cryptonote does not initially incorporate it, is currently under development and we are targetting February for the release of the open alpha. We will be heavily counting on the community to assist us in the tests as this will be another innovation in the blockchain space. The PoS is very important for the project as this will be the ground base that will be later used for the creation of the sidechains protocol that will allow greater scalability in the x-cash network as well as the possibility for anyone to create their own blockchain according to specific features.


x-bank: crypto assets storage, transfer, and exchange (to be launched in December 2018)

The second product, x-bank, is a coherent path for us to follow from several perspectives. The first one is the need to onboard our users in a proper manner to facilitate the airdrop distribution. After many internal reflexions, we have decided to not carry extensive KYC to allow the users to receive the airdrop. Similarly to what has been done so far, we will ask for basic user information in order to allow the users to receive their shares of the 20-month airdrop program. Of course, in a global need and willingness to increase regulatory compliance, we will perform extensive KYC for the users requiring higher limits.

The second is our desire to launch a cryptocurrency exchange within x-bank in the first months of 2019. In short, we aim at offering low exchange fees while using the liquidity to perform the cryptocurrency conversion of our payment solution at no additional costs. Therefore, this will lead to a win-win situation for both our community and the other products thanks to the various synergies it will create.

We will provide additional details about the exchange in the next weeks but we can already emphasize that our goal is not to create the next Binance or HitBTC. This market is already very competitive and well addressed and we do not think creating an exchange with hundreds of assets would have any added value. Our goal is more to create an x-cash and main crypto-based exchange with a limited number of assets that respond to the highest standard of compliance and that operates in Europe.


x-payment: crypto payments made easy and affordable (to be launched in December 2018)

Our third product, x-payment, reuses the concepts we initially described in our whitepaper by tackling on the long-term two major problems that are currently not well addressed:
- easiness of use and integration: users currently have to connect (remotely or not) to the blockchain to perform payments. This is not satisfactory for 90% of the current users and 99% of the remaining users in the potential growth market. We are tackling this issue by removing the technical part and offering the possibility to make crypto transfers/payments similar to traditional bank transfers
- fees: currently a crypto to fiat (and even to crypto) conversion often involves more commission than traditional payment systems. Our goal is to create the infrastructure and network to progressively lower these fees down to the point where crypto (and eventually fiat) payments will cost a fraction of what they used to. As previously mentioned, the x-bank will play a major role in this friction reduction but the access to a wide liquidity of vanilla and derivatives products will be one of the key drivers as well

This month, this will materialize in the release of x-payment communities which some of you have already tried during the open beta. The x-bank will also incorporate x-payment and you will be able to transfer x-cash (and soon other cryptocurrencies in a very similar way as you are making bank transfers). Finally, we will offer the possibility to other Discord communities to incorporate x-payment, allowing them to also generate revenues through the (very low) fees charged. The integration of x-payment in other communities will be the first of many steps that will lead to the wide adoption of x-cash and x-network in general.


x-blockchain: blockchain made affordable, easy and efficient (to be launched in January 2019)

Our last product is a logical conclusion to the pasts months of intense work and significant knowledge increase. We are now running 13 different blockchains on our servers with tokens deployed on most platforms. We have built a significant connection in the cryptocurrency space with dozens of exchanges, coin tracking sites, and other PR agencies. We have a real expertise in designing tokens to fit the legal requirements they are intended to meet and we can create public or private blockchain to answer the needs of corporates.

We think our first x-blockchain product will be simple but disruptive. In brief, we will be launching in January a platform to create ERC20 tokens without coding skills in a matter of minutes from conception to deployment. Our key advantage will be again on the pricing side where this will start at 99€ (VAT excl.). We have already designed the templates of the contracts and fully automated the back end generation process. We are incredibly excited to launch this service as we firmly believe this will be a key part in our short-term development.

Conclusion: 4 products, countless synergies

To conclude, this rebranding is more about adding features to our ecosystem than following a new path. Despite the negative cryptocurrency market environment, we will stick (more or less) to the initial milestones we have set while adding new components in the network. Our capacity to deliver on time the innovative flexprivacy© feature is our best proof-of-commitment and proof-of-capacity to execute this project.

Our key point is the synergies that these products will generate. The x-payment solution will have access to a wider and ‘free’ liquidity from the x-bank exchange allowing to further reduce down the costs. Our x-blockchain services are benefiting from the technical expertise and infrastructure gained from the other products and will also be a first live use case of the x-payment merchants’ gateway in January. The payments made on the back of x-payment communities will use the x-bank infrastructure allowing instant execution at no marginal costs. What is more interesting is that despite the significant reduction of margins, these businesses will still be profitable because of our low-cost structure. We have a feeling that these synergies will fulfill their full potential on the back of the x-cash development, keeping in sight the long-term goal of making the market capitalization grow to allow further investments and meet investors’ expectation.

To conclude from a more philosophical and pragmatical perspective, our project is more than ever about accomplishing the long-held promise of costs and friction reduction thanks to blockchain technology. If you have the talent, creativity, skills, and risk-tolerance that such a journey requires, you are more than welcome to join us.

Many thanks,


Rebranding and project updates was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Dear X-CASH Community,

Today, November 6th at around 6PM (GMT+1), we will update the network to the latest X-CASH release 1.4 with the hardfork (V10 then V11). There will be a few major changes and exciting additions to X-CASH, such as :

FlexPrivacy©: Chose between public or private transaction with the same account

FlexPrivacy© is the most anticipated feature that we have planned for X-CASH since the birth of the project :

FlexPrivacy© adds the possibility to send a public transaction or a private transaction from the same wallet on a per transaction basis.

It will be as easy as clicking a toggle switch in the GUI, and typing « public » in front of the transfer command in the CLI.

Private transactions will work the same as before, being fully anonymous from the use of stealth addresses and RingCT. Public transactions will show :
- Senders XCA address
- Receiver XCA address
- Amount sent
- The change amount sent back to the senders address

Note: These types of transaction will never compromise either the senders r receivers wallets full balance or the real mixin of where the X-CASH came from. It is very important to keep these two details always unknown in every transaction.

This system simulates the current fiat system :
- make a transaction using a check, credit card, bank transfer etc… and leave a transaction trail (public transaction)
- pay with cash from person to person, without any outside party witnessing the transaction (private transaction)
Either way, similar to the fiat system, there is no need to have multiple accounts to pay with cash or check. Your account balance, as well as the receiver’s account balance, is never made public.

Public transactions can be enabled on any X-CASH mining pool as well, and even on a per user bases (meaning you can decide if you want them enabled or not), so make sure to check with your mining pool to see if they support them.

You can start using public transactions right after the hard fork, there’s no need to create a new account either, they are compatible with all X-CASH accounts, created at any point in time.

Revamped block explorer

With this update, we will release the new X-CASH block explorer, from which you will be able to check transactions and blocks with better visibility and clarity.

1*AiwcheKNR4O6RsKKlQvzCA.pngThe revamped block explorer will provide better reading of the blocks, and information from public and private transactions.

New additions comprise

  • a separate transaction pool for better readability on the front page;
  • an API tab;
  • statistics on the X-CASH network;

Fixed ring size

We this update, we decided to fix the ring size to 21. Fixing the ringsize enables better privacy, as to avoid multiple and unusual ringsizes that could be used to link transaction.
We found that 21 enabled a good compromise between quickness of execution, privacy, and low impact on size.

Bulletproof transaction

The latest addition of Monero 13.0. Bulletproof transaction enables much smaller transaction, hence decreased fees and more transaction per blocks. From now on, the blockchain size incrementation will decrease.

Switching algorithm

We are switching mining algorithm from CNv7 (=CNv1) to new ASIC resistant CNv8 (=CNv2). It is recommended to check if your mining software is compatible with the new cryptonight algorithm.

How to update

Please read the update instructions in the GitHub release: https://github.com/X-CASH-official/X-CASH/releases/tag/1.4.0


X-CASH Major Update 1.4.0: FlexPrivacy©, CNv2, bulletproof and fixed ring size was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Tutorial: X-CASH Web Wallet

This tutorial is designed to help you navigate through the interface of the X-CASH Web Wallet, and understand how it works. You will be able to access your account from everywhere or create a new account easily, even from your phone or tablet.

You can access the web-wallet from our website or directly to this link: https://wallet.x-cash.org/

1. Create a new account/wallet.

1*O7Y6e9XyKLLsWbMm8WLOtg.pngCreate a new wallet directly from the mainpage

To create a new wallet, you can click on the Create an Account button, and you will get directed to the Account Creation page.

You will be greeted with the following warning message. Please take note if you are planning on using the Web Wallet as a main wallet.

Understand the Risks in Using this Service
This is a web-based interface that allows you to use X-Cash without running a full X-Cash node. However, because this convenience comes at a cost: it is extremely difficult to securely deliver its code to your browser. This means that there is considerable risk in using this service for large amounts!
It is recommended that you treat this service as you would treat your actual wallet, and not store very large amounts in it. For long-term storage of X-Cash you should create a cold wallet using X-Cash Address or similar.

At the bottom of the page, you will find your private login key, which corresponds to your mnemonic seed. You will need this private login key every time to log in the web wallet, so make sure to copy it in a secure place.

The private login key is a uniquely generated 25 words’ passphrase that is unique to your wallet. You need to note this private login key in a secure place. Anyone that has access to your mnemonic seed will have access to your wallet. The server does not store your keys, so if you lose it we won’t be able to restore it for you.
1*fzz-K5icnPknzMqxLW1vYA.jpegYou need to copy your wallet private key and confirm it in the field below.

After saving your private login key (mnemonic seed) into a secured place, you can confirm it in the field below. After clicking on “I’ve written down my Private Login Key, log me in!”, you will be directed to your account.

1*Ht9Uryp6fxVHqFq7HPySew.jpegThis is your account overview page

On your account overview, you will find your Public address (a unique address starting with XCA and 98 characters long). You can see all your transactions, send payments to another wallet, use this address to receive airdrops etc… Just like a GUI and CLI Wallet!

2. Connect an already existing wallet.

You can use the web-wallet to check a wallet that you created with the GUI, CLI or wallet Generator.

1*49wJp6fdD44GVFj6Ql9hrQ.pngClick on “log in” to enter the login page.1*1nf_5cWuNEDSlxciZJAxfQ.pngLogin window.

On the login window, you have the choice between opening a wallet with the private login key (aka mnemonic seed), or with the public address and the view key.

The server does not store the user’s keys for obvious security reasons.

Once you enter the mnemonic seed, you will have access to your account overview.

1*otg73rHoFSC4tAb0Vr4hjA.jpegAccount overview of the imported wallet.

When you import your existing wallet to the web-wallet interface for the first time, you will see that the balance is 0.

Before being able to know your balance, the wallet will have to check the whole blockchain to see your transaction history. The synchronization happens on the server side, meaning that you are not downloading the blockchain on your computer. The web-wallet is scanning the blockchain and adding your transactions to the database in the background.

The refreshing time depends mostly on your internet connection and the server load. You should be logged in to continue the synchronization. When you log out, the server will continue the synchronization up to 1 hour in the background, after that it will be stopped.

It is needed for the server load balancing and users activity: if a user log in only 1 time we shouldn’t spend so many resources to synchronize and support up-to-date status of his wallet because it’s a very resource intensive task.

Once the wallet is completely synchronized, you will be able to access and use your wallet as you would in the GUI or CLI interface.

Any questions? Contact us on our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/PtZGuQx


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First of all, we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to submit questions. There are some really interesting things here and we are really pleased to clarify our plans with you.


I understand that you are sitting on 5 billion coins (locked and objective-driven released). With that in mind, what is for you a reasonable price objective per coin, and in how many years?

We can answer the question with a simple calculation. The first 20% of the allocated team coin will be released when we reach a $10M Market cap. At current circulating supply, this will happen if 1 XCASH = 11 Sat.

Secondly, to have all the team allocated coin unlocked, we would need to reach a $100 bn market cap. With all coins in circulation, this would require a price of $1 per XCASH. This is unlikely that this will ever happen, as it will put us in the TOP 5 cryptocurrency. However, this is the objective that we have fixed.

What is the current size of the team and are you hiring?

We started with the three founders: Guilhem (CEO), Zach (CTO) and Paul (COO). We have since been joined by Lovro (@Animus on Discord) who has taken a role of Head of the Community.

We are still actively looking for a Monero/C/C++ developer to join us in Paris and help us with the development. We are also planning to make the team grow according to what the project needs.

I learned that X-CASH project is self-funded. Does the team have any plan to partner with some big companies in the near future?

We do plan on partnering in the future, but nothing has been decided yet. Partnering will make more sense when we are further down on our Roadmap.

This being said, as the team and our vision are expanding, we have decided to launch an activity in blockchain consulting for corporates that will start in early 2019. We think several partnerships should arise from this activity as well a first real-world implementation of the technologies we are developing.

What are your marketing plans, how do you want to make XCA more visible to the crypto crowd? / The path to mass adoption is the toughest path that exists in crypto, how do you believe X-Cash will stand out among all of the innovative, impressive competition in this space? / How do you believe you will achieve adoption?

We have two visions on this: short-term and long-term.

The short-term vision is making X-CASH more visible in the crypto world. Our very first step has been to propose a sensible project, with a hard-working self-funded team to the community. We provided clear, transparent communications, no-ICO so that anyone seeing value in the project could join, a functioning wallet on day-one, and a two-year airdrop plan to help with the adoption of our coin. We plan on expanding through specialized crypto media, participating in conference around the world, consequently make ourselves known through the means deployed in the crypto community.

The long-term vision is to attract non-crypto enthusiast. The idea is to prove the value of the blockchain to people, companies, and organizations that don’t know about cryptocurrency. This is an essential step for broad adoption of the coin. Further down the road, the objective is to organize partnerships with “real-world” companies, providing teaching and real use cases of our project, and working hand in hand with the regulatory offices, making the blockchain an integrated part of our actual system.

One of our strength is the favorable climate in France towards blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

About plans to use SideChain, Are you planning to use the Tari project in the future?

This is not planned for the moment but we are actively looking at the potential solutions they could offer.

What will happen to X-CASH when X-CASH 2.0 is released? Can you simplify for us what really is the X-CASH 2.0?

At first, we had several plans for X-CASH 2.0 that was aiming to improve the scalability of the network. The path we decided to follow is to switch from PoW to PoS, and adding the side-chain functionality (cf. our whitepaper).

X-CASH 2.0 is just a code name placeholder for the proof of stake switch. Under the current scenario, the blockchain will remain the same with a change in the consensus algorithm. From a user perspective, this will require a wallet upgrade, but the interface will look the same. Later in the year, we will release a second version (X-CASH 2.1) which will enable the sidechain network. In short, everyone will be able to create a blockchain embedded on the X-CASH Network at minimal costs.

Do you have any plans to create campaign bounties like spreading the news periodically directed to the structures of X-CASH roadmap using social media etc…?

Yes, with the help of Lovro (@Animus) and his amazing work on the X-CASH Discord bot, we will organize bounties on the different language channel to help spread the word about X-CASH. We want to develop that sensibly to bring the best help from the community.

Since this project is self-funded, what benefit you get by doing this actually?

This is an interesting question that can be answered in several parts. First of all, funding our project was a way to provide a proof-of-concept that it is possible to create a blockchain project from scratch without going through an ICO. We like to point out that we achieved many things with a small initial investment, contrary to some ICO project where millions of dollars in investments doesn’t bring a faster development.

Secondly, the main benefit is actually being able to work on something we are passionate about: blockchain and cryptocurrency. Developing our own project is an amazing adventure and experience, although not without a fair lot of challenges.

Lastly, and I think that was the point of the question: we can’t make a living out of the project at the moment, but through hard work and dedication it will be possible in the near future. We plan on using our platform and experience for expanding the X-CASH project with new services. We will communicate soon on that.

What’s the most important point that you make as a goal for x-cash so this project can run for long-term?

I would say that there is not “one” single most important point but actually several lines to follow to ensure the long-term success of the project. We have to work hand in hand to ensure the good regulation of the coin to ensure its sustainability in the long-term. We have to adapt the coin to the latest development and technological advancements. We have to expand our project to match the demand and diversify our activity etc.…

There is no direct line to long-term success, but we are planning on taking every possible path to achieve the continuity of the project. However, we believe that adapting to the regulations that will evolve in the next years will be essential. Being incorporated in France is a definitive advantage where the climate is favorable.

Any plans to add quantum-resistant features?

As we are a fork of Monero, itself based on the cryptonight v2 algorithm, we are following their developments. Their latest release as pushed back the use of ASICS for another six months. Given that we will switch to PoS in the next months, the coin will be by definition resistant to quantum computing which can only be used to perform massive parallel computing in the context of PoW resolution.

Where is the premine?

The premine is in a cold wallet in a bank vault and will be externally audited before the end of the year. We are also going to create a view only wallet to have a way to check the wallet balance.


When are you planning to release iOS/android wallet? When we have explorer to check wallet balance or web wallet?

The development of the web wallet is a priority as it will enable users without access to the wallet (32-bit system users, mobile users etc…) to access an online wallet. We are working on the web wallet at the moment. It is almost ready, we are still fine-tuning and bug checking before deploying it.

The mobile wallet will follow in the development line.

How do we see the blocks remaining when they synchronizing?

You can launch the daemon (xcashd.exe) to have a better view of the number of blocks that remains to be synchronized.

What are your plans to improve the wallet?

At the moment, the wallet isn’t really user-friendly for anyone that hasn’t manipulated a crypto wallet before ours. What we are working on is an improved version of the wallet (GUI 2.0) that aims at simplifying the whole process.

The idea is to streamline the features only to have the essential: account summary and send transaction. Some ideas that we have:

  • A straightforward installation executable file for installing the wallet;
  • An auto-update feature;
  • Having access to all the wallets with only one password: basically what will happen is that you will be greeted to the wallet with a password prompt. When entering your password, you will be able to access all your wallets, in the same way you can access all your bank accounts if you have several accounts in one bank. This will eliminate the need to fetch the wallet file every time.
  • Automatically choose the best remote node for synchronization unless specified against.

We are aware that the wallet needs to be simplified and this is what we are aiming to do. This will be a complete makeover of the wallet, in design and in features, so bear with us for a while!

We will directly work on the mobile wallet with these features.

Where else can I download wallet 1.3.2?

Every downloadable from our website are linked to the GitHub releases, which are uploaded on their server. We recommend only downloading the wallets and updates from the official source.

If you have any issue with the downloads, contact one of our admin and we will arrange a way to access the files.

Is it must to update or download every latest wallet even though you’re just focusing on airdrop and not mining?

What you are describing here is basically a cold wallet. The airdrops are sent to your address whether or not the wallet is updated. If you have to check your funds though, it is recommended to update the wallet. The web wallet will enable to check the balance without downloading the wallet locally which will be a good solution for users in the same situation.

Will the problem of unsuccessful transfers of large amounts be solved?

This is not a “problem” per se as it is a limitation brought by the way cryptonote coins handle payments with unspents. What we are working on is a way to bypass this limitation with the GUI by recombining unspents in the background, without the need from the user to do it manually.

In addition, this problem will tend to solve itself over time as this is mostly an issue experienced by miner (given they are trying to recombine several blocks mined into one transaction). Given the recent birth of the coin, most of the transactions are made by miners but once user to user transactions takeover, there will be significantly fewer issues of this type. The recombination algorithm of the unspents will also be offered to the exchanges so that they can automatically handle this part for the users.

Since the block height keeps increasing and people need to sync their node every time they open the wallet, what is your absolute solution to speed it up?

Several things are being worked on to improve synchronization time. First of all, we are deploying new high bandwidths server worldwide to help improve the speed of the synchronization.

Also, with the bulletproof transaction coming very soon to X-CASH, the size of the transaction will be reduced by a significant factor, reducing the incrementation of the blockchain size hence the synchronization time.

We are also discussing a potential solution that would enable a reduction of the blockchain size once we have switched to PoS.

When starting the wallet, why is it necessary to start xcashd.exe separately when it could be programmed to start automatically when opening the GUI Wallet, since it is required to be running in order to sync the blockchain in the first place?

It is not needed to launch xcashd.exe with the GUI Wallet as the process is launched in the background when synchronizing with the GUI. If you were advised to do this, it is only to be able to follow more closely the synchronization of the wallet.


When will be the October airdrop?

The October airdrop registration opened on October 21st and will close on October 31st at midnight GMT+2. The distribution will start several days after providing there isn’t any issue. We take much time going through the airdrop distribution list to eliminate fake/multiple accounts to make sure that everyone that fairly participated in gets his share.

How do you decide in which batch user falls in?

The airdrop distribution starts with people will fewer referrals and goes all the way up to people with most referrals. The last person to get its airdrop is the one with the most referral.

After that, people with the same referral number (or none) gets their airdrop in inverse chronological order (the last registered get its airdrop first).

Where to find timer when registration opens?

We have a timer in place on our website https://x-cash.org/#airdrop and soon we will add a timer on Discord.

How you can assure your community that they will get their share fairly through airdrop?

We can’t share the list of people that registered to the airdrop as it could fall into bad hands. We have made a point in being transparent in the process so everyone gets their fair share, and we have been communicating on the metrics as much as possible. We are thinking of ways to make the process as transparent as possible without revealing too much (we don’t want to clarify the way we detect fake accounts to avoid them bypassing our method, also we don’t want to reveal who had the most referral as it should remain to the user discretion to avoid potential attacks).

We also plan on changing the airdrop registration process to make it fully automated. It will also eliminate the issue with fake accounts (this will be possible with a KYC process).


When is the reopening of the exchange market?

We have made an announcement about the state of the exchange. Because we will fork on November 1st to implement bulletproof and public transactions and switch to Cryptonight v2, we have asked the exchange to wait until then.

When new exchanges? / Do we have the plan to list on new exchanges, and I want to say that a good exchange is better than three small exchange?

The next round of exchanges will come soon after the fork. We are trying to work on quality more than quantity.

Please note that we are working on rounds of exchange instead of continuously trying to list because every incrementation of the project development gives us more chance to get listed. Only putting the price isn’t enough most of the time.

When X-Cash will be listed in tradeogre.com?

Given we are having a lot of requests of listing on Tradeogre, we are seeing if they are interested in onboarding us for the next round of listing. If you want to help/accelerate the process feel free to send them a message through their social channels.

Are there any plans of listing XCASH in Binance?

As most of you have seen, Binance propose free listing. Obviously, they are not listing any coins that just knock to their door. Before putting up an application with them, the coins need to be way more advanced than it is now. We will keep working hard on improving the coin before thinking of sending an application there, to have the best chance to be listed.


Will X-cash move to v8 or its own version of it to be anti-ASIC? / Do you have a plan to update to V8? As we know, the NiceHash v7 price is so low, and this will let the price of XCA being lower.

We plan to switch to Cryptonight V2 with the next fork, at the same time with bulletproof and public transactions.

When we can start staking X-CASH like most other projects? / How likely are we going to see POS hybridization before Q2 2019? / Masternodes plans? if so, estimate date & costs?

We have described our (conditional) plan to switch to PoS with masternode in our whitepaper https://x-cash.org/downloads/XCASH_Whitepaper_1.0.pdf

So far, we are on track for the PoS release in Q1 2019.

If there is 500 master node with 50B XCASH locked in and the 1st year return will be 200%+ then we will see 100B + XCASH for Masternode user 50B XCASH locked in for masternode and 50B in circulation, so the end of the year total supply exceed 200B+ but max supply is 100B. So how this thing work?

The 200% return in 2019 is made with the assumption of 100 masternodes i.e. 10bn of locked supply ( or ~50% of the circulating supply at the time MN will be launched) with a generated supply of 35.5 bn XCASH through the year.

Possible POS on mobile wallet?

The Mobile wallet will be compatible with the proof of stake network but it won’t be able to run a masternode and do the staking.

Is PoS switch gonna be an instant or are we going to have a little amount of time to adjust/adapt(overcome) with some kind of mixed PoS/PoW period?

In the current scenario the PoS switch will be ‘instant’ but enabled for a few MN controlled by the company for a small number of blocks (likely 10–50). Then external nodes will be progressively added through a consensus mechanism across the MN community.


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Dear X-CASH community,

First of all, we would like to apologize for the problem encountered. Although the new update 1.3.0 fixed the difficulty adjustments against NiceHash attacks, the update brought an unexpected bug in the blockchain.

As some of you saw, some pools where running alternative blockchain. This issue was preventing some pool payments and correct wallet synchronization.

We have fixed the pool and network now, rolling back to a block height around 94000 (before the first alternative chain appeared).

Some of you will have trouble synchronizing your wallet. Before attempting to send any transaction you should take the following steps.

If you are using remote node to synchronize

1*LN8XfpYF57PaFteyQw_a4g.pngAny of these options synchronizes to the blockchain with a remote node.

If you are using a remote node to synchronize your wallet, next time you open it you should select the second option (Connect to an official remote node from the list) and select the European node: EUSEED2.X-CASH.ORG:18281.

This node is on the right blockchain and will enable you to synchronize the last blocks without any issue.

If you downloaded the blockchain locally

In case you chose the last option (Start a node automatically in the background) or synchronized the blockchain with the Daemon (xcashd), you will have to synchronize again the last blocks of the blockchain to make sure you are on the right chain.

To do so, you have 2 options:

  • Delete the entire blockchain file data.mdb in C:/ProgramData/X-CASH/lmdb (make sure to show hidden folder). Run the 4th option (if you are using GUI) or the Daemon xcashd (if you are using CLI) and wait for the blockchain to synchronize entirely.

This solution works fine but force you to download the entire blockchain (~8 Go) and is not optimal. The second option avoid doing that.

  • Delete the last few thousands block of the blockchain before the alternative chain issue and synchronize them again.

Here is a tutorial on how to do it.

  • Close your GUI wallet or xcashd if they are opened.
  • Run xcash-blockchain-import --pop-blocks 13000

Note: The pop-blocks tag will delete the number of block (here, 13000) from your blockchain file. You will have to change this number depending on the block height the network is on to back up until around block height 94000 (for example, if the network is at block height 107000, you will have to put the tag --pop-blocks 13000 minimum). You can check the blockchain height in the block explorer : https://explorer.x-cash.org/ or https://miningpoolstats.stream/x-cash)

To open xcash-blockchain-import with a tag, first you need to open a command prompt with administrator rights (check this short tutorial to see how to do it).

Then, in the command prompt you need to change the directory to your wallet folder. To do so, type “cd C:\[PathToYourXCASHwalletFolder]” where [PathToYourXCASHwalletFolder] is the path where your wallet is contained.

1*3XINpp3slxUOJZpitzx0Hw.pngYou can copy the address by right clicking the address bar.

Then run xcash-blockchain-import --pop-blocks 13000 (or the number you find suitable to arrive at height 94000)

1*wrZyQYadaBoFSOpWGRYbzw.pngThis is how the command prompt will look like if the command prompt was executed correctly.

Wait until the process is finished. You should see the new height of your blockchain in the last line after removing the blocks.

Once you have done that, you will need to download the new blocks again.

If you are using CLI: Launch xcashd (with administrator rights) and let the blockchain synchronizes completely. Once it done, run xcash-wallet-cli, open your wallet and type rescan_bc and let it synchronize.

If you are using GUI: Launch the GUI wallet (with administrator rights), open your wallet with the 4th option (Start a node automatically in the background). Let the blockchain synchronize the last blocks, and when the wallet is open to your account summary, go to the settings tab and click on Resync Wallet. Let the wallet synchronize completely. Once it’s finished the wallet will be opened on the account summary page.


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Dear X-CASH community,

Since the birth of the project, we have always been very positive about using a non-modified version of cryptonight v1. This algorithm has several positive aspects which include low electricity consumption, ASIC resilience and high liquidity in the hash rates markets.

We knew from the inception of the project that having it Nicehash compatible could lead to significant network hashrate manipulation once the coin would be listed on the exchanges. At the same time, we saw Nicehash as a mandatory piece of the ecosystem because it allows for better liquidity of the hash rate which leads to a lower discrepancy between market and mining prices. Indeed, every time the market price would spike, miners would be able to adjust the mining price in a matter of minutes so that there is no arbitrage between the two. Without Nicehash, this is merely impossible, at least in a reasonable timeframe.

However, some people have been using Nicehash to send bursts of hash rates at specific frequencies which allow them to arbitrage the difficulty mining algorithm. In short, this allows them to mine significant amounts of XCASH at a (low) difficulty which doesn’t reflect the real difficulty they should mine at. We forecasted this scenario in the whitepaper and warned the community that abuses would lead to an action from our end for this to stop. It is now time to put this in practice.

Among the possibilities reviewed, our current plan is to modify the difficulty algorithm by using zawy’s LWMA algorithm (https://github.com/zawy12/difficulty-algorithms/issues/3). We are setting up a modified version of its LWMA-2 which will allow for fast response time when experiencing network hashrate jump. In short, this algorithm uses a much lower timeframe (90 blocks vs. 720) with an additional difficulty adjustment when blocks are found too fast. We will also be adding an extra adjustment for the difficulty on the downside when blocks are found too slowly. To give you a more pragmatical picture of what this algorithm will do: in the case of a network hashrate jump by three times, the difficulty will be adjusted in around 15 blocks.

We think this solution is currently the best tradeoff before the PoS implementation as it will give us the best of both worlds: high tolerance to Nicehash bursts while keeping Nicehash liquidity. With regards to the timeframe of the implementation, we are in a complicated equation where we had initially planned to hard fork in late October, but we cannot wait until then as this is causing a significant threat for the sustainability of the project. We are currently reviewing the possibility of making an all-in-one hard fork release where we will have: public & bulletproof transactions, new difficulty algorithm and (increased) static ring size. The targetted release for this most likely scenario is October 18th. This is still conditional on a few external elements, and we will confirm and communicate more details in the next days.



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Dear X-CASH community,

In the following post, we are announcing two significant milestones for the X-CASH Project.

Exchanges Announcement

The first round of exchange listing will consist of 13 trading pairs live on four exchanges:





Deposits have already been enabled, and the trading will go live on Thursday, 20th September at 5 am, Paris time. You will notice some exchanges are using integrated addresses for the deposit which start with XCB. These are good to be used just like any regular XCA addresses. We are already preparing the next round of listing and we will announce 5 additional exchanges in the next weeks.


At the same time, we are very excited to release the first version of our whitepaper. We have tried to focus on the content which is why it can be seen as heavy in terms of reading. But we think this will give a good overview of what we want to achieve in the next months.

Following the exchange listing, the main milestone will be the implementation of bulletproof and public transactions. While we are finalizing the technical part of the public transactions, the bulletproof implementation will need to be made after Monero’s hard fork planned around the 19th of October. This probably means that both these features will be added to the X-CASH Network by late October.

The Whitepaper also gives an introduction on how the switch to the proof of stake consensus will be made and in which condition. It is important to highlight that the stake to run a Masternode will be 100M XCASH but we will allow users to group their stake into a single masternode. That means you will be able to own a share of a node starting with 1M XCASH.

The last point I want to introduce briefly is the payment gateway that we are targetting for the end of the year. We really see this solution as potentially disruptive for the industry because of the low fees it could introduce. Of course, the hardest part will be to reach the critical user mass as well as convincing some merchants. But we think there will be some significant incentives for it to be widely used.

All these information are detailed in the whitepaper, and we are impatient to hear the first feedbacks on it.

Many thanks,



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This release is for GUI Wallet only and is not a mandatory update. This update contains the X-CASH core rebase 12.3 so by updating your wallet you also update to the right version if you haven’t done it already.

This release includes a redesign of the remote node settings page. Users can still type a custom remote node, but now have the ability to choose an official remote node from a list, or choose the “best node” option, which allows the program to decide based on the users network and the official remote node load, which server would be best for the user at that specific time.

This release also fixes common problems that people have been having with the wallet. The most notable being the wallet may give an invalid seed or invalid password when using a path that contains non-latin characters.

Users can now use the GUI in paths containing non-latin characters, as well as use non-latin characters for their password. However, users can not use non-latin characters in the name of the wallet file. It is still recommended to avoid using any non-latin characters when possible with the GUI wallet.

Users can also now create a view only wallet in the GUI. This option only asks for the public address and view key, and allows a user to see their wallets transactions list and balance, without typing in their spend key or seed. Because of this the view only wallet will not be able to send out any transactions.

Users also have the option to send their full balance with a click of a button. This option will automatically calculate how much can be sent, with the fees, so the wallet is empty after the transfer.

Users can now press enter after typing the password, instead of having to click the continue button.

Here is a quick list of the changes in this version:

  • redesign of daemon settings page
  • added an automatic selection option for remote nodes (set to default)
  • added a list to choose an official remote node
  • added a send full balance button to the send payments page
  • added a view only wallet option when restoring keys, to create a view only wallet
  • lets the user press the enter button after typing the password instead of having to click the button
  • changed the XCA symbol to our official XCASH symbol
  • automatically remove line breaks from the to address and payment id fields on the send payments page


The view only wallet is only useful if its a wallet you never sent a transaction from, and you are using it to just see your incoming transactions. On an account that has had both incoming and outgoing transactions, the view only wallet will report the wrong balance, since this is a privacy coin. This is how the view only wallet works with the core code. If you are going to use the view only wallet, we suggest reading more on how it works as well as key images, and why it will report a wrong balance once you have outgoing transactions.

How to upgrade/install the new GUI Wallet

Go to our download page or our GitHub release and download the latest version depending on your operating system.

Upgrading for Windows/Linux

1*WyC3IXf4mYc6yp4XM76vVg.pngUnzip the new CLI file and copy the content in your GUI or CLI wallet file, and replace.

Download the zip for your operating system and unzip the folder. Then copy these 9 files into your current GUI Wallet folder and click on “replace all files” when your operating system asks you:

  • X-CASH_GUI_Wallet
  • xcash-blockchain-blackball
  • xcash-blockchain-export
  • xcash-blockchain-import
  • xcash-blockchain-usage
  • xcashd
  • xcash-gen-trusted-multisig
  • xcash-wallet-cli
  • xcash-wallet-rpc

Upgrading for MacOSx

Download the installer (.pkg) file and run it. This will create a new X-CASH folder in your application folder. Then copy/paste your wallet files (walletname, walletname.txt, walletname.keys) to your newly created folder. You can now delete the previous GUI Wallet folder X-CASH1.1.

Note: For the next releases, this step will be obsolete. The installer will automatically replace the files (providing users don’t change the name of the folder).

Installing for all operating systems

Download the zip for your operating system and unzip the folder. For Mac, just launch the installer; The file will be in your Applications folder.


If you are on Macosx or Linux, you may have to run additional commands. Open a terminal in your GUI folder directory and run the script.sh file:
chmod +x script.sh && ./script.sh

If you are on Windows, you may need to run the X-CASH_GUI_Wallet.exe as administrator, by right-clicking the X-CASH_GUI_Wallet.exe and choosing run as administrator.


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Important notice: This is a mandatory update for everyone, whether you use the GUI or CLI, you need to update before block 95000 (around October 1st, 2018) otherwise you will be on the wrong blockchain.

All mining pool operators must also update the core code contained in the daemon (xcashd) and the RPC wallet (xcash-wallet-rpc) before block 94740 (around September 29, 2018) otherwise your mining pool will be mining the wrong blockchain.

Read our release note on GitHub for more information.

Dear X-CASH community,

Today we are announcing the rebase of the core code to Monero 12.3. This upgrade is mandatory as it will prepare the X-CASH network to implement bulletproof and later on public transactions.

Please note that this is a mandatory upgrade whether you are using the GUI or CLI wallet. Check our download page to download the latest version, and do not forget to read the bottom section of this article for instructions on how to upgrade.

X-CASH GUI Wallet: How to Upgrade / Install

1*WyC3IXf4mYc6yp4XM76vVg.pngUnzip the new CLI file and copy the content in your GUI or CLI wallet file, and replace.

For all operating systems

Download the zip for your operating system and unzip the folder. Then copy all of the contents of the unzipped folder into your current GUI Wallet folder and click on replace all files when your operating system asks you.

  • xcash-blockchain-blackball
  • xcash-blockchain-export
  • xcash-blockchain-import
  • xcash-blockchain-usage
  • xcashd
  • xcash-gen-trusted-multisig
  • xcash-wallet-cli
  • xcash-wallet-rpc

If you are on Macosx or Linux, you may have to run additional commands. Open a terminal in your GUI folder directory and run these commands:
chmod +x xcash-blockchain-blackball xcash-blockchain-export xcash-blockchain-import xcash-blockchain-usage xcashd xcash-gen-trusted-multisig xcash-wallet-cli xcash-wallet-rpc

How to Upgrade / Install If you are using the CLI Wallet

For all operating systems

Download the zip for your operating system and unzip the folder. Then copy all of the contents of the unzipped folder into your current CLI folder and click on replace all files when your operating system asks you.

  • xcash-blockchain-blackball
  • xcash-blockchain-export
  • xcash-blockchain-import
  • xcash-blockchain-usage
  • xcashd
  • xcash-gen-trusted-multisig
  • xcash-wallet-cli
  • xcash-wallet-rpc

If you are on Macosx or Linux, you may have to run additional commands.
Open a terminal in your CLI folder directory and run these commands:
chmod +x xcash-blockchain-blackball xcash-blockchain-export xcash-blockchain-import xcash-blockchain-usage xcashd xcash-gen-trusted-multisig xcash-wallet-cli xcash-wallet-rpc

Bulletproof & public transactions

The next update planned for October 1, 2018 will bring bulletproof transaction to the X-CASH network. The bulletproof protocol enables a transaction size reduction to up to 80%. This translates directly into lower transaction fees and lighter blockchain file size.

We have also been working on the implementation of public transactions in the X-CASH network. Soon you will have the choice between private and public transactions. When public mode is selected, your transaction will be visible in the blockchain.

1*ZmsQN72VqR8Ns4wqadatQg.pngBulletproof and public transaction reduced sized in our testnet blockchain.

This feature is still in the test phase but as you can see from our testnet network the first implementation enabled a consequent size reduction (a single output transaction is currently around 12kb in our blockchain).


Major release: Rebase of core code 12.3 was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Dear X-CASH Community,

On popular demand and to increase security to users accounts, we have implemented Two Factor Authentication to account sign up on our website.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is an extra layer of security using a physical object in your possession (most often your smartphone) to create an additional randomly generated password to accompany your usual log-in credentials.

Follow these easy steps to implement it on your X-CASH account.

How to enable 2FA

Go to our website and log in to your account. You will find the 2FA option in the account menu.

1*jKxkp5sXrzbQCzw3SQ-1UA.png2FA option has been added to the account menu.

On the page, activate the 2FA settings to enable it (slider button).

Be careful to write down your private key, as this is the only way to recover your account if you lose your device.

On your smartphone, download a two factor authentication application. You can use Google Authenticator (available on iOS and Android).

With the application, scan the QR code to setup the 2FA with your X-CASH account.

It’s done, 2FA is ready to be used on your account. Every time you connect to your X-CASH account, you will get a uniquely generated password on your Authentication application.


X-CASH — 2FA implementation was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Dear X-CASH Community,

Four days following the Airdrop registration start we are now counting over 6,000 users in our telegram group. I think this is positive although identifying the fake accounts in there is costing us a lot of time and energy. We have started to work on a more enhanced KYC for the next Airdrop which will be beneficial for all the community. On Discord, we have reached the 1,000 users milestone, and since there is no incentive to come to this group, we can use it as an excellent tracker of the people who are genuinely interested in the project.

We have successfully delivered the latest updates of the GUI Wallet, and we are pleased to have it running on Linux and OS X as well. We are still gathering many feedbacks about potential improvements and bugs, but overall it is satisfactory. The future versions will only make it better and more convenient to use.

The next release from a development perspective will happen on the core code where we will upgrade X-CASH from 12.0 to 12.3 version of Monero. This will prepare us for the implementation of the bulletproof transactions, but more importantly in the short term, this will be mandatory to get listed in exchanges. As most of you know, a recent hack in Monero 12.2 has lead to serious issues in a few exchanges, and therefore the implementation of the patch is compulsory. We have already run a series of tests, and the new version is ready to go live in the next days.

About the exchanges, we will have some good news to share next week as we have reached an agreement with two of them. What we are focusing on now is to add one or two others to the list by the end of the month. In the bearish market of the cryptocurrencies, this is even more important because more exchanges will imply more liquidity.

Finally, I want to thank and welcome our new ambassadors; they have done an incredible job in the last days by supporting all the new joiners. We are still looking for additional knowledgeable people who are interested in making the community grow and support the others.



X-CASH Developments updates was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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